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  4. H there, tried to download the STTNG original files, but after trying 3 times every time the downloaded zip came up as faulty and could not be unpacked?

  5. Hello everybody, just installed a pinsound plus in my SDT TNG. Works like a dream Does anybody know if there is any advantage to getting a stereo soundharness for this pin if you just want to install the original sound files? These files are all mono so I see no benefit at all Have a good one
  6. Pinsound says the its audio cards are compatible with Space Jam. But without any files or even file structure, I'm not sure where I would begin after buying the card and installing it. Has anyone go the card for their Space Jam Pin? If so, please share if there was a workable solution out there somewhere. Thanks! -ekimpinball
  7. Hello, what is the current status? When can you expect Pinsound for F-14? greeting Armin
  8. will this work for my virtual pin cab also how and where do i put the files thank you in advance do they just go onto a altsound file does the folder need to be the same as the rom folder? probably the simple questions but would like to know
  9. also new here will this work for my virtual pin cab also how and where do i put the files thank you in advance
  10. Hello, I bought a pinsound+ for my Sopranos. unfortunately the original files are really bad. a lot of white noise in the speech and the short tones. Has anyone ever exchanged or revised the files and would send it to me? thanks, Florian
  11. Hi folks... Very disappointed - got my PinSound+ installed only to find out that the Star Wars sound pack from the community was only the default ROM sound. Has anyone done an enhanced sound pack?? Help! I do not have the time nor inclination to try learn how to program it on my own... Thanks for any help in advance in advance!
  12. Hi all My JM pin gives this message on the DMD on startup "soundboard interface error" I have installed the sound package which seemed to take forever but nonetheless is all there when I check it on my PC however no sound apart from the startup wav is coming through my speakers when I start a game. everything works fine if I put the old soundboard back in and I have tried reseating the cable several times when the pinsound board in situ. Any Ideas welcomed. thx Col
  13. Was wondering were you got them from and indeed, Q is now really special as it should be 🖖 Hope that SEQx-.... will work as intended, looking forward to your new mix.
  14. Oh yeah good call! I'll give that a try! Glad you like the original package. It was a lot of fun to create. Gave me a reason to buy all the musical score albums I could find too. Q's Mariachi is perhaps my favorite.
  15. Found your previous package and that is my favourite in usage - great stuff! Maybe you can use the 'SEQ1-...' as naming on both soundfiles to have them always played in the same order. To be more precise: Use prefix 'SEQ1-' for the Data/Picard callout and prefix 'SEQ2-' for Wesley/Picard files each. So you have a sequence 'SEQ1-' with Data and next time 'SEQ2-' with Wesley correponding correctly with Picards answer (worth a try at least, as it is undocumented feature
  16. Fortunately I believe you can use older Pinsound package with the newer hardware so once I finish the updates, this should drop right in. My older version is up here on the forums as well (under m00dawg, without the 2). This version just adds to it with some additional callouts and a few things from Picard (the new series). The one thing I haven't figured out is, well I don't want to spoil it but I don't know how else to explain it. "Thank You Mr. Data" now has Wesley and Picard ("Sir I know this will finish me as an acting ensign but... SHUT UP WESLEY!". It makes me giggle everytime. But the two callouts are random. So there's times you'll get Data talking and Picard saying Shut Up Wesley for example - I can't figure out how to tie the random selection together. Apart from that I just need to tweak a few of the new callouts - some were a tad long for how the came sequences them (e.g. for Q's mission Riker's callout happens at a specific interval after Q starts talking).
  17. Hi Nac, just curious if you could share it with me, plz. Also just noob with Pinsound and trying to figure out what can be done to pimp my GalaxyClassPin Regards M
  18. You can save the boot file directly under the audio folder. It will then be used after power up.
  19. So far no big waiting time needed during restart. Just had to be patiened when sounds being scanned during first time. So for me that point is fine now for me, besides further questions adressing how to use the features of PinSound could only find a short faq but no comprehensive manuals.
  20. I just installed PinSound and doing my first steps - do you have any HowTo for what you already were able to achieve? Sadly I cannot answer your questions, as I hardly can do what you already did so far I just registered the PinSound Software, so maybe I just have to wait before I can really work with it...
  21. Hi, that is fantastic - would love to hear the result! I just purchased Pinsound and making my first steps with it - currently waiting to register serial. At this point I am pretty confused what can and how it can be done, could not find a FAQ but maybe I searched at the wrong location. Anyway, keep up this amazing work and I will hopefully dig in it soon!
  22. I prepared a file "preview.ogg" but it always plays a second soumd on top during selection - not the beep selection sound only but really a second different one. How can this be avoided?
  23. I’m new to pinsound. Ive replaced all the music and some of the sound effects in my RBION. The new digital files sound fantastic but the original sound effects sound muddy compared to the newer digital files. I’d like to find some high quality sounds to substitute. Is there a particular website where people get their sound effects? Thx
  24. Has anyone taken the time to identify and label what triggers the various sounds for RBION? There are hundreds of files. I’ve gone through and labeled all the voices but it sure would be nice to identify which in game actions trigger specific sound effects. Thx
  25. Twilight Zone hawknole View File Twilight Zone hawknole mix. Granner DCS is the base and I added Twilight Zone show music for main gameplay & then classic rock for some of the deeper music. Pink Floyd seemed to work well in spots and also includes Allman Brothers, Jeff Beck, Chuck Berry, etc. Submitter hawknole Submitted 05/25/2022 Category Twilight Zone  
  26. T2_EStroh_Rammstein_V6 View File All new music files: Rammstein Electro music featuring "Du Hast" as the main theme. Reorchestrated music and updated callouts by others Submitter EricStroh Submitted 05/25/2022 Category Terminator 2  
  27. My sound packs install if the USB actually boots. Problem is I can't get it to start with the board powerup. It's like it doesn't recognize a USB is inserted. Any way to roll back updates?
  28. And suddenly it was finished. So if I will have to wait each time after powerUp to start with the game... Lets see. Unfortunately ni progress indication or anything else to let me patiently wait.
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