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  4. Thanks for the tips. I did downloaded again and it was still without sound. Then I tried your volume adjustment and it started working. I just had to turn it up more! Game sounds awesome. Love the new orchestration. “Hold on to your butts” Thanks again, couldn’t be more thankful
  5. Title says it all..I just received my pinsound plus, yet I do not have a 3.0 USB flash drive...would a 2.0 still work or no? thanks in advance and can't wait to play with this setup!
  6. Thank you for the info. I will try those tips and let you know if I have any success.
  7. Np. I feel like we both are here alone. I just meant the volume knob in the cab. Just start a game and keep turning it. If nothing, try turning the volume knob off and do a slow 'double tap' off until you hear a chime (and hopefully some sample sounds). If you get nothing on both take out the usb and check the file folders on a PC. Check if they're in the 'audio' folder and check for the .WAV files in the numbered folders. I'd add the original package to the usb too. It shouldn't matter, but it also doesn't hurt.
  8. First, thank you for replying. I have not messed with the volume because the promos of progress as the system reads it are loud. I can try to play with that though. Also, I have only taken the OST zip file directly to the USB and then placed the USB on the pinsound board and let it start reading it. It told me 100% complete but then said checking audio files and then didn’t nothing for several hours. I tried to play but no sound. Does it need both files?
  9. Any luck getting this to work? I'm a newbie too, not sure if I can help. My OST package worked right away. Did you install both packages? Does the legacy package work? Have you tried cranking the sound (might sound stupid, but this gets me once in a while. The volume needs to be much louder than the original card does. When I change packages (through the double tap) I often forget to put it higher. But also the package won't work until I start a new game too. 🤷 ). Are you transfering the package directly to the usb? ...I'm going to stop asking questions until you answer if you figured it out yet...
  10. The easiest is to transfer the file to a usb. Then insert into the installed pinsound board. Turn on the machine and let it uncompress and organize the files for you.
  11. Figured it out. The original split the phrase: "welcome", and "to Jurassic park". Just need to delete the second one in the OST version if you want to fix this. Working on a remix. I'll upload it with this fix when I'm happy with it.
  12. I recently upgraded to Pinsound. I’m trying to use the Endprodukt OST orchestration. I cannot get the file to work during game play. I know the speakers work because I hear the voice telling me the percentage progress through them. Once at 100%, it says checking audio files. It said nothing else for several hours. I did push the start button several hours after and it plays but without the audio. How long does it take to upload the files into the game? Any suggestion on why the audio will not work? Thank you I’m advance for any solutions.
  13. Hey! New to the owners club and excited to try my hand at making a SP for my DE JP. So far there is only one custom package for JP (an OST from EndProdukt), I'm thinking of making a hybrid version remix with the original SP but don't want to step on anyone's toes. Is it bad form to remix someone's existing mix or is all fair game? ...I mean, most of this is all copyrighted material anyways, so I figure it shouldn't matter, and I'd assume everyone would be just happy to have more options, but yeah, I just don't want to jump into this community pissing anyone off. Also, on the topic of jumping into editing, does anyone have any advice on how to balance db? Any videos, help files or beginner guide that anyone has found especially useful for editing specifically for pinsound? -j
  14. Hey PS community! I'm new to the owners club and just installed my pinsound into my newly resurrected DE JP. Loving the upgrade but on startup where it usually says 'welcome to Jurassic park' it will play 2 of the voice files instead of just 1. I know I could just delete all but one file in the directory to probably fix this, but I noticed on YouTube vids that other people's pinsound doesn't seem to have this problem. Anyone encounter this problem and/or have advice to fixing it? -J
  15. Sorry for the dumb question i'm new. Just downloaded the boot file for TZ .. where do i put it ? looked for a boot file so i could replace but can't find one.. ps.. i have the original file on my flash drive.. thanks...
  16. hello everyone...all this look so cool but i have the must simple question. cant find that basic answer after downloading the file. whats next ... copy wher ? should we rename the folder ?
  17. Hi there I own two pins Elvis and Sopranos . I am not handy and so amazed you can add new music or sound. How do you get these great elvis tracks to the game ? sorry may seem dumb never did this and would love to know how
  18. Thanks for your feedback and idea, interesting The sound board will store the current sound pack and when you turn off / on your machine, it'll reload the same previous sound pack. If you need to connect an external subwoofer, please use a PLUS sound board as tapping directly the cabinet speaker is not supported. On the PLUS sound board, you have 2 RCA line out connectors specifically designed for this type of external output.
  19. Since May 2021, the PLUS & NEO sound boards natively support OGG sound files. WAV files are obviously still supported. Thank you!
  20. Just installed Pinsound Plus kit and DmdLux for my WPC95-Attack from Mars... Install went great, easy to wire . Downloaded the sound file from pinsound file , installed. Rebooted Pinball, and commenced to play... Everything sounds great, looks great , except when certain events ( such as Multiball ) seems like the sound cuts out ( or missing ) of alot of the action sounds.... Dowloaded the file again from site, new USB drive, then installed... Same thing.... Next, I downloaded the fan created AFM soundfile... Installed, everything fine until the big action scenes,,, Reminds me of speakers clipping out , then coming back , but on a digital scale. Machine has always played and sounded great on the factory boards, just time to upgrade to new tech...... Any advice, and experience in these issues ?
  21. Have you the newest Firmware installed?
  22. Hello Community, I play files with .ogg from the flashdrive but i read there need .wav files? Is this new? Greets Hep
  23. Hi there, I've just bought two pinsound and one of theese i want to install to my Taf. I've tried to install the diffent software but for two of theese the voice tell me there is an error to unzip the software. Do you know what to do? Kind regards Dario
  24. I think that works for sure, but I would put in an alternative default (for missing preview.ogg) that says something like "Track One" "Track Two" etc. I apologize for the english bias. 😉. I think that a sound preview alone would be great if the sound file that is created is intuitive (and benefit that it can be customized by language, etc) but could still be confusing for existing orchestrations that aren't updated, or for someone who doesn't know how. Right now I rename my folders 01_Orchestration-name, 02_Orchestration-name so that they load in the order I want them to, then print off the log file and try to keep track of which one was last active on paper. One thing I haven't been able to figure out is whether that log file is created upon booting the machine, starting a game or changing sounds (I suspect the later). I am using still using only a Pinsound 1 on STTNG. I am absolutely grateful for the last firmware upgrade, it seems to have solved or improved an issue where I had the board re-booting randomly, or dropping music randomly. Still testing. I want to purchase another newer Pinsound for it and move the older one on to another machine, but I am confused why it says the NEO can't add a sub-woofer by tapping the Cabinet Bass speaker (I use an amplified subwoofer, that can take line level or speaker level inputs, so not sure if that makes the difference).
  25. Hello! That's a feature I intend to add in a next firmware release. What do you think of it: if there is a file "preview.ogg" (or "preview.wav") available in the sound pack, it'll be played as a preview when you switch to another sound pack Let me know :) Nicolas
    Merci !!! Ce mod donne le Smile ! La qualité du travail et la passion se ressent clairement en jouant, ce souci du détail dans l'humour et la non répétitivité des voix et en plus en Français et en Anglais ! Chapeau Bas, on se rend compte a quel point la qualité audio d'un flip peut tout changer. Un chef d’œuvre incontournable pour tous les passionnés de flippers et/ou des Simpsons.
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