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  3. I'll contact you rapidly, I'm still working on your issue, sorry for the delay.
  4. No I have not. I also swapped out my Rottendog Playfield power board and put rebuilt original pbb back in to make sure that wasn't the issue but still no motion from the shaker motor. Reinstalled the latest firm ware for a 3rd time and no motion. I believe the firmware from pinsound does not have shaker events added? What about you any Luck? Pin sound Tech stopped corresponding with me
  5. Hi, I am working on a Two Steps From Hell version on my LOTR. Starting from the original sound pack and changing the music by TSFH. Epic music for an epic pinball machine. Here is a first test run. https://photos.app.goo.gl/eRHyQn6zV3fjVHrD9 Grtz
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  7. I have the same game, same issue. I loaded the update on the flash drive which it did successfully and directed me to restart. after that I heard it say it was doing file conversion. now Im waiting as it says checking sound files over and over. I have no idea if its making progress or stuck in a loop. been going like this for 30 minutes. Im just using the standard sound files, nothing special.
  8. Hi Kyle, I started recently with Pinsound and downloaded Wool & Sjoend. I just finetuned the gain levels with Pinsound Studio Pro and everything went well. You may try my config file if you want. config.pinsound
  9. STTNG Road Fury View File Un petit mix qui change un peu de style... Style électro et movie. Submitter doraj90 Submitted 05/07/2022 Category Star Trek TNG  
  10. I've also found 1 sound clip in the package available for download that was not dumped when putting the ROMs through M1/BridgeM1, and it's a sound clip that I know to be in the game comparing against my stock board. So that also raises the question of how users are dumping the sound from the ROMs. It would be great to have a complete guide on how to recreate stock sound packages.
  11. I'd like to add that I tested the record feature of PinSound Studio but it only captures events that are defined in the sound package. As an example, I create a new sound package with only 3 specific audio events, enabled record, plugged the USB drive into my PinSound and played a game. When I played back the recording in PinSound Studio, it only showed 3 events (the ones I had in the sound package) but obviously many others should have shown up in the recording. So if the sound package is missing events/audio clips, I don't see any way for me to capture a complete list of audio events for the game to ensure the package is complete. So I'm not understanding how others are doing this and ensuring it's complete/accurate. This is a real concern of mine, since as nice as it is to have new remixes to add to my game, I sometimes prefer the stock sound. It's great having the option to switch between the 2, and I would want to revert to stock sound if I ever sell it in the future.
  12. Hello , did you find a solution i have the same problem
  13. Version 1.0.0


    Un petit mix qui change un peu de style... Style électro et film. Présentation du mix STTNG Road Fury En espérant que ça plaise à tous le monde. 🙉
  14. Hey all, I started another email thread specific to my pinball (Mary Shelley's Frankenstein), but I'm not getting any answers over there. So I figured I would make this question more broad than specific to that game. I'm looking for information on how I can recreate the stock sound package for a pinball into a Pinsound package. I've gotten as far as putting the sound ROMs through M1/BridgeM1 and I have all of the audio extracted. I'll get around to removing silence, looping, volume levels, and all that fun stuff. But for now I'm just looking for direction on how I can create the mapping for the sound events. The stock sound package for my pinball is incorrect, so I'd like to start from scratch. I also have another pinball that I would like to purchase a Pinsound for in the future, but there are no sound sets for it. I understand that PinSound Studio has the ability to record, but based on my reading it does not sound like that will give me what I'm looking for, as it would only record the game I'm playing, and there are certain modes in the game that I have yet to be able to reach...therefore, I wouldn't be able to trigger the event. So I'm looking for guidance on how I can obtain/build the complete list of sound events for a given pinball game. Hopefully there are some individuals on here that have created a stock pinball sound package available for download on this site that can help point me in the right direction. As it is now I can only move forward based on existing sound packages, and the stock sound package I have for my Frankenstein is already determined to be missing at least 8 sound clips. In fact, based on the audio dump from the ROMs, I have 37 clips that are unaccounted for when compared against the package available for download. So I have no way to verify it is complete, let alone accurate. Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  15. I've already fixed #1-3 above, but I've found additional missing/incorrect sounds. It's becoming clear to me I'll need to recreate the standard sound set myself if this doesn't already exist. Is there a general guide that exists somewhere that covers the procedure for recreating a standard sound set in Pinsound? I have some ideas for how I can reconstruct this using my stock game/sound board, but I have concerns with accuracy and certainly don't want to reinvent the wheel if it already exists. Any help here would be appreciated.
  16. I'm posting as m00dawg2 since I can't seem to dig up my old credentials (whoops). I'm the creator of the STTNG Anthology soundpack and have been working on adding some extras to it this weekend as I finally brought my TNG back to working order. Additions are at the bottom of this post for the curious. In any case, since I last used Pinsound there's now a Studio Pro (Windows only alas) to replace the old studio? Having some issues since Studio Pro doesn't seem to recognize the old sound packs. Anyone know if there is a converter available? I made the mistake of upgrading my firmware which seems to have also reset some of my gain settings and it seems Pro will allow me to configure those again. I downloaded the upgraded base pack from the main Pinsound website so I could go in and manually put my files back. That's a lot of work I'd like to avoid if I could though? #### Additions: I haven't managed to run into "Shut Up Wesley!" on my playthroughs but some of the others are working. "Shut Up Wesley!" was what originally inspired me to work on this again hehe. I wish I could coordinate that a bit better so it only happens when Wesley starts talking (rather than Data) but I don't think there is a way to do that. Also per the above I need to re-adjust the gain though and make some additional tweaks. Once I'm done I'll upload this as an available soundpack for folks that want these. 1.01: voice/000015 Added Wesley “Sir this might finish me...” voice/000355 Added “Shut up Wesley” voice/000170 Added Q’s “Well just have to see how ready you are” voice/000235 Added Q’s “The Trial Never Ends” from Picard Season 2 voice/000236 Added Q’s “The Trial Never Ends” voice/000450 Added Borg Queen “We will add your distictiveness to our own” voice/000451 Added Borg Queen “Welcome home Locutus” voice/000624 Added Geordi “We have a problem here” voice/000625 Added Data “Oh shit” Added Geordi Warp Core Breach music/000001 Added Data’s Lifeforms music/000007 Added “Watch your future’s end” music/000022 Added Picard Season 1 Theme
  17. Hey guys, New Pinsound user. I recently bought a Pinsound to replace a problematic sound board for a Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. I intend to swap between sound sets, but I definitely favor the original sound set. After playing my stock game for the past year I can quickly tell that the original 1995 sound set that's available for download on this board is very incorrect/incomplete. To name just a few off the top of my head: The "FRANKENSTEEEEIIIINNNN" sound clip upon starting a game is missing The two sound clips that play at game over ("She's dead" and "All that I once loved lies in a shallow grave") is missing Creature multiball is off. It normally starts by saying "live, live, live!" which is then followed by another scream (missing from this set). Also, IIRC it seemed to play the wrong music clip mixed in with a few other sound bites that weren't correct, then the correct music eventually started playing). That's just what I noticed on the first few play throughs. Does anyone have a proper/complete original sound set for this pinball?
  18. I have the pin sound neo plus with updated firm ware. pinsound-update-22041.psrom2 (22 Apr 2022)
  19. Hi, I received the pin sound ultimate package last week. I installed everything on my GNR Data East pin, updated the sound card with the latest firmware and installed the sound packs preloaded on thumb drive from you guys. On the shaker motor board all lights light up correctly, but shaker motor does not work. I checked the wiring 6 times, and I still cannot get it to work? Sound packs and sound card work as it should but no shaker motor. Thanks, Derek
  20. Yes all good now!! Thanks!!
  21. Do you mind trying again? It should be ok now.
  22. T2_Enhanced_Profanity_Averell_V1.0.zip View File Extended with the Profanity Call Out "Fuck You Asshole". Playable with Game ROM L8.3 (coming soon on IPDB). This Sound Pack is based on the Sound Pack from EndProdukt, but includes a funny boot.wav. Of course the Sound Pack runs with all other Game ROMs, but the Profanity Call Out "Fuck You Asshole" is only supported with Game ROM L8.3 or higher. Submitter Averell Lee Submitted 04/24/2022 Category Terminator 2  
  23. Version 1.0.0


    Extended with the Profanity Call Out "Fuck You Asshole". Playable with Game ROM L8.3 (coming soon on IPDB). This Sound Pack is based on the Sound Pack from EndProdukt, but includes a funny boot.wav. Of course the Sound Pack runs with all other Game ROMs, but the Profanity Call Out "Fuck You Asshole" is only supported with Game ROM L8.3 or higher.
  24. Tried on two different computers still no good.
  25. Just tried to download and it said it had finished download at 251Mb. So not working
  26. After loads and loads of tries I just cant download any sound packs for my Getaway. They stop at random and says download complete but they are not. Only two I managed to download are Baby driver and the ZZ top version. All other fails. Tried Chrome and Firefox. 1000mbit download speed and I can download larger files from other places without issues. I see I´m not the only one having issues by looking at this forum. Regards Göran
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