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  1. Np. I feel like we both are here alone. I just meant the volume knob in the cab. Just start a game and keep turning it. If nothing, try turning the volume knob off and do a slow 'double tap' off until you hear a chime (and hopefully some sample sounds). If you get nothing on both take out the usb and check the file folders on a PC. Check if they're in the 'audio' folder and check for the .WAV files in the numbered folders. I'd add the original package to the usb too. It shouldn't matter, but it also doesn't hurt.
  2. Any luck getting this to work? I'm a newbie too, not sure if I can help. My OST package worked right away. Did you install both packages? Does the legacy package work? Have you tried cranking the sound (might sound stupid, but this gets me once in a while. The volume needs to be much louder than the original card does. When I change packages (through the double tap) I often forget to put it higher. But also the package won't work until I start a new game too. 🤷 ). Are you transfering the package directly to the usb? ...I'm going to stop asking questions until you answer if you figured it out yet...
  3. The easiest is to transfer the file to a usb. Then insert into the installed pinsound board. Turn on the machine and let it uncompress and organize the files for you.
  4. Figured it out. The original split the phrase: "welcome", and "to Jurassic park". Just need to delete the second one in the OST version if you want to fix this. Working on a remix. I'll upload it with this fix when I'm happy with it.
  5. Hey! New to the owners club and excited to try my hand at making a SP for my DE JP. So far there is only one custom package for JP (an OST from EndProdukt), I'm thinking of making a hybrid version remix with the original SP but don't want to step on anyone's toes. Is it bad form to remix someone's existing mix or is all fair game? ...I mean, most of this is all copyrighted material anyways, so I figure it shouldn't matter, and I'd assume everyone would be just happy to have more options, but yeah, I just don't want to jump into this community pissing anyone off. Also, on the topic of jumping into editing, does anyone have any advice on how to balance db? Any videos, help files or beginner guide that anyone has found especially useful for editing specifically for pinsound? -j
  6. Hey PS community! I'm new to the owners club and just installed my pinsound into my newly resurrected DE JP. Loving the upgrade but on startup where it usually says 'welcome to Jurassic park' it will play 2 of the voice files instead of just 1. I know I could just delete all but one file in the directory to probably fix this, but I noticed on YouTube vids that other people's pinsound doesn't seem to have this problem. Anyone encounter this problem and/or have advice to fixing it? -J
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