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Data East Jurassic Park – Original Soundtrack 2022

by System-J


Credit: This sound package is built up and out from Endprodukt's original OST and there is lot's of his fingerprints all over it (including possibly his voice in some files).


I've changed the folder names and added and left a lot of note files for anyone wanted to make there own in the future. I spent months. MONTHS, finding what each file is for, including plenty of mysteries that have yet to be solved. Some sfx and call outs you might only hear once every 100 games; I have a stack of notes for this game that would cover 3-4 playfields!


Speaking of, if anyone likes this sound package and would like to buy me a beer or just a couple games at my local barcade, please donate @ https://paypal.me/systemjpinball . Very much appreciated if you do. I am surprised that there isn't more sound packages for games that are shared. If there's more of a gratitude culture out there I bet more would be. Also, make sure you send me your email as if I do any future versions I'll be sure to pass them on.



Oh god, so many to list. My endeavor was small to begin with but has turned into a rabbit hole of 'ooo, what would this sound like'. I knew I wanted to add emphasis to the big moments of the game like MB's and jackpots. I also knew I wanted to make the T-Rex modes and eating more epic. From there it turned into how can I make the modes more individual and have there own character. I think I succeeded. It was very tricky to balance the sound this way though and you might find that some sfx and call out are too quiet—this is a result of the 'big' parts of the game sounding epic (read: louder) and I've tried to balance it as much as I can.

-most of the music has been moved around. Including keeping the best “buh buh, buh BuH...” parts for the chaos MB and jackpots.

-lots of new quotes added and existing ones moved around or deleted. Some call outs are in places for effect, some are in some places because after viewing the movie so many times looking for good sound bites, sfx, and music, I wanted to pay homage to some of my favourite parts of the movie (and I'm now a much bigger fan of the movie).

-added call outs to some music files: for instance when the ramp shot is lit, there's now a callout as even though there's blinking lights, it's not always obvious.

-added music to some call out and sfx: for instance to make the trex eating more epic I added a music peak to it that sometimes is continued with the 'screaming' (from being eaten by the T-rex)

-added and changed a lot of the dino targets (and for the love of all things dinosaur, please get all those targets working; this game sucks when (those frustrating) targets don't work): researching this has also personally enhanced my dino vocabulary as now I know what a Gallimimus, Herrerasaurus and Baryonxy are.

-multiples of almost everything. Keeps the game fresh and new every game. This includes new music and sounds to attract mode.

-levelled some track to enhance external sub use. (I'm especially proud of the stampede mode when using a sub. Highly recommend.

-lots of other things that I have forgotten.



-(somewhat) fixed an attract issue that mad_carl from Pinside pointed out that there was some 'clicking'. I found it and reduced it as much as I could. This was a custom track that Endprodukt must've made because I couldn't source a clean copy of it.

-lot's of existing hidden sfx gain levels.


I don't know if I'm done, but I seemed at a spot where I was playing around with things and I wasn't sure if I was making things better or worse, so I backtracked a bit and cleaned up this version to share. I hope you all enjoy.


PS: I'm also working on custom version where I was playing around with other music ...like from bands, that might feel a bit blasphemous to some out there. I'm not even sure how I feel about it, that's why I kept this one fairly authentic to the original movie. There might be a few surprises if you play enough though. I hope you all enjoy.

Disregard the 1.0.2 duplicate of this info. It was a rookie mistake and you can't seem to edit the text on the update notes.

Edited by System-J

What's New in Version 1.0.4   See changelog


Uploaded proper file (I accidentally uploaded my older 'hybrid' version instead of 1.0.3).

Tweaked "TRIBALL!!!" callout. 

Note: I recommend deleting old folder so there's less chance of older version files being left in. Even from 1.0.0 or 1.0.1.

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