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Jurassic Park

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  1. DE JP OST Hybrid System-J

    This is a quick fix, tweeks and a hybrid of the EndProdukt version and the original. 
    fixed: getting double "welcome to jurassic park" triggers
    'hybrid': reverted shootout (use the launch gun trigger for bonuses when video appears) back to Legacy (EndProdukt version was a bit quiet and easy to miss).
    Lots of small changes and condensing. I got rid of some of the quotes that bugged me a bit. I think I added a few new or edited voice files as well.
    This version doesn't exist without EndProdukt's work on the package first. He did an amazing job (especially on great work like his System Failure music), I was just inspired to make a remix. This is actually an early version of a sound package I'm currently finishing up, but I now have made so many changes (to the future 2.0v) that I thought people might like something in between as a choice (and that there is a dearth of options for this great game). I don't consider this a finished product, but I used it for over a year without it bothering me so I thought someone may find it of use.
    Enjoy! and... Uh uh uh! You didn't say the magic word.



  2. JP OST Endprodukt

    JP OST by Endprodukt



  3. Jurassic_Park_1993.zip




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