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  1. I'll contact you rapidly, I'm still working on your issue, sorry for the delay.
  2. You can use WAV or OGG files, it doesn't matter. You can even mix file formats. Both file formats are supported by the PLUS & NEO sound boards.
  3. Bonjour, pouvez-vous nous contacter sur notre boîte de support ? support @ pinsound.org merci par avance de nous envoyer le fichier pinsound-self-diagnosis présent à la racine de la clé. Nicolas
  4. Thanks for your feedback and idea, interesting The sound board will store the current sound pack and when you turn off / on your machine, it'll reload the same previous sound pack. If you need to connect an external subwoofer, please use a PLUS sound board as tapping directly the cabinet speaker is not supported. On the PLUS sound board, you have 2 RCA line out connectors specifically designed for this type of external output.
  5. Since May 2021, the PLUS & NEO sound boards natively support OGG sound files. WAV files are obviously still supported. Thank you!
  6. Hello! That's a feature I intend to add in a next firmware release. What do you think of it: if there is a file "preview.ogg" (or "preview.wav") available in the sound pack, it'll be played as a preview when you switch to another sound pack Let me know :) Nicolas
  7. Amazing! Congratulations for this nice piece of work!
  8. Would you like to play with different background musics? Do you have some ideas about alternative musics which could fit the theme?
  9. If the sound package is really big, you will have to wait up to 2 or 3 hours. You should hear the progress "10 percent...", "20 percent...", ...
  10. If you don't want a music to loop, move its folder to the "single" directory. It's the same type as music, but won't loop.
  11. Very nice ! I have to find a GNR now...
  12. I can't wait to test it ! Great job ! "We have top men working on it right now... Who ? Endprodukt."
  13. Very nice ! Congratulations to Warren Davis !
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