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  1. I think that works for sure, but I would put in an alternative default (for missing preview.ogg) that says something like "Track One" "Track Two" etc. I apologize for the english bias. 😉. I think that a sound preview alone would be great if the sound file that is created is intuitive (and benefit that it can be customized by language, etc) but could still be confusing for existing orchestrations that aren't updated, or for someone who doesn't know how. Right now I rename my folders 01_Orchestration-name, 02_Orchestration-name so that they load in the order I want them to, then print off the log file and try to keep track of which one was last active on paper. One thing I haven't been able to figure out is whether that log file is created upon booting the machine, starting a game or changing sounds (I suspect the later). I am using still using only a Pinsound 1 on STTNG. I am absolutely grateful for the last firmware upgrade, it seems to have solved or improved an issue where I had the board re-booting randomly, or dropping music randomly. Still testing. I want to purchase another newer Pinsound for it and move the older one on to another machine, but I am confused why it says the NEO can't add a sub-woofer by tapping the Cabinet Bass speaker (I use an amplified subwoofer, that can take line level or speaker level inputs, so not sure if that makes the difference).
  2. @gerald Was this ever done to the new firmware? A way to identify new sound mixes? Or how can I identify which sound is played when switching Sound Packs by lowering volume as I could modify them with my own sound clips if it's not something critical to the game (in this case it's for STTNG). Thank you!
  3. In case anyone else is looking, I believe this is an upcoming feature being worked on by the PinSound team.
  4. I'm looking for a brilliant solution to the problem of easily identifying sound packages on the same USB when switching by lowering volume to zero. As there is no visual or good audio indicator, and I can never remember where I am in the sequence to count, and I am thinking it needs to be an audio cue. [You can open up the back of the machine, take out the USB stick, read the pinsound-self-diagnosis.txt file and it WILL tell you which Sound Package is currently the "(active)" one, so all hope is not lost, BUT that's a royal pain in the but to do but once in a while. And damned if I am going to keep a "score" card (pun intended) that I tick off each time I change package. I generally load up a bunch of packages, then settle on one I like, then someone comes along that I want to demonstrate to (or there is an alternate that is fun temporarily) and then I am thereafter hopelessly lost as to how to get back to my first choice. What is the sound file that is first played for a volume check after you lower the volume to zero? Is it a file that is used later in the actual game itself? If not, I was thinking about possibly re-recording it with an added voice -over (like "STTNG OST by Pinhead" or even an identifiable tone) or something quick but easy to identify. FEATURE REQUEST: You know, if it was even built in to the firmware to add a voice number "package one..." or chime of "pong" sounds after each lowering of the volume level to zero (corresponding to the count of the number of the package that was now loaded) that would be a potentially simple, but ultimately a no fuss way to get around this issue. (Worse case scenario, adding one "pong" sound that chimes when you get back to the first package in the list so at least you have an audio index marker.) Any ideas on whether something like this might work, or any other work arounds?
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