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  1. Been trying to download your Tommy files for days but always fail. It's the coolest thing i love it and dying to add it to my visual pinball. Is there anyway else to get it.

    1. Amigas


      Same here but finally got success with an 8gb usb stick


  2. You're welcome. The whole GnR pinball machine is a must have
  3. 505 downloads

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  5. Version 1.40


    new revision of my mix
  6. Version 1.50


    for Last Action Hero with better sounds/music
  7. Impossible on this pinball table, because it is the way it's coded in the original cpu. (unless creating a new cpu file, with new calls out, as ChadH can do) the same music (many missions) is called (and shared) for some different missions like these you were talking about. It's not the same for every pinball machines.Datateast with TFTC, Tommy or LAH, every missions have got its own music.
  8. Exact : impossible for now, as it's the same folder. My last idea, was finally to put seven different waves parts, which rock, and which i like much.
  9. easier to download the latest firmware Almost sure you are NOT up to date
  10. yes: this site ,download section don't forget to download tehe lastest firmware for the board
  11. Version 1.3


    Metal version
  12. Version 1.2


    French "Asse" team in Europe
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