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Indiana Jones

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  1. Jedi Re-Master of Endproduk Sound files.

    Hello Everyone, I just got into the pin world and found Pinsound.  When I installed it on my IJ machine I immediately loved it; However I was not entirely happy with some of the downloads that I found for this machine.  I loved the sound file by "I.J Remastered By Endprodukt" the most as it stuck to the original sound/music but simply sounded clearer and better.  However there where many moments where the callouts volume was too low, or too high, and the music in particular was way too low.  I also found a few bugs where if you shot the ramps several times to build up the hurry up, center shot bonus (Plane Crash animation) The machine would say "Great Shot and Ball Locked at the same time.  This was because previously there was not a Ball locked sound file, only music but with these two voice commands going off at the same time it was impossible to understand what the machine was saying.  Also some sound file the horns where annoyingly loud, especially in the suspense sound of the capture ball when it wanted you to shoot it again to start the 2 ball multiball.  In conclusion I went through this entire sound package and my goal was simple.  Keep to the original as much as possible, adding extra sounds but not the strange ones where the callouts are by some other guy in a dull voice.  I only kept that voice for the ball locked sounds as they worked well for this.  The rest of the sounds, I kept but just normalized all of them that where not in sync with the rest of the sounds.  Music is all normalized at a certain volume and callouts are a bit louder to be heard but not pierce your ear.  

    I don't want to take credit for this work entirely, as I am 100% only modifying the files that Endprodukt re-mastered created so all credit to him, but I think with my Re-master of this Remaster now the machine is perfect.  Enjoy and I'm open to any feedback you guys provide.  It seems Pinsound has turned me into an accidental Sound Engineer in a matter of a week.  I did spend about 10-15 hours to fix all the issues I found, some of it was just learning how to do things but I hope you enjoy it.



  2. Indiana Jones MusicCallouts

    New mix: OST music combined with high quality callouts.



  3. Indiana Jones - Reorchestrated

    I did not make this myself, somebody from the Pinball community (Endprodukt) has spent hunderds and hundreds of hours making this. It is the best redone sound mix I know of for a pinball.
    You can find some of the discussions on the Pinside community; the files disappeared off the web. 
    I hope within the community it is ok to re-share this. Give this guy a donation for his work if you can!



  4. IJ_Remastered_Endprodukt.zip

    IJ Remastered by Endprodukt



  5. Indiana_Jones_OST_By_PinHead.zip




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