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STTNG Sound Pack Won't Install


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I just purchased my first Pinsound system (ultimate pack) and I have a problem. The sound card is cycling in the "Checking sound files, please wait." section when I try to load the basic zip files I downloaded onto the provided SanDisk unit. There is a drum and bass guitar playing in the background and a loud pop emanates about every 15 seconds or so. This process just keeps cycling and does not move forward.


Please advise.

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I have the same game, same issue. I loaded the update on the flash drive which it did successfully and directed me to restart. after that I heard it say it was doing file conversion. now Im waiting as it says checking sound files over and over. I have no idea if its making progress or stuck in a loop. been going like this for 30 minutes. Im just using the standard sound files, nothing special.

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