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  1. Was wondering were you got them from and indeed, Q is now really special as it should be 🖖 Hope that SEQx-.... will work as intended, looking forward to your new mix.
  2. Found your previous package and that is my favourite in usage - great stuff! Maybe you can use the 'SEQ1-...' as naming on both soundfiles to have them always played in the same order. To be more precise: Use prefix 'SEQ1-' for the Data/Picard callout and prefix 'SEQ2-' for Wesley/Picard files each. So you have a sequence 'SEQ1-' with Data and next time 'SEQ2-' with Wesley correponding correctly with Picards answer (worth a try at least, as it is undocumented feature
  3. Hi Nac, just curious if you could share it with me, plz. Also just noob with Pinsound and trying to figure out what can be done to pimp my GalaxyClassPin Regards M
  4. You can save the boot file directly under the audio folder. It will then be used after power up.
  5. So far no big waiting time needed during restart. Just had to be patiened when sounds being scanned during first time. So for me that point is fine now for me, besides further questions adressing how to use the features of PinSound could only find a short faq but no comprehensive manuals.
  6. I just installed PinSound and doing my first steps - do you have any HowTo for what you already were able to achieve? Sadly I cannot answer your questions, as I hardly can do what you already did so far I just registered the PinSound Software, so maybe I just have to wait before I can really work with it...
  7. Hi, that is fantastic - would love to hear the result! I just purchased Pinsound and making my first steps with it - currently waiting to register serial. At this point I am pretty confused what can and how it can be done, could not find a FAQ but maybe I searched at the wrong location. Anyway, keep up this amazing work and I will hopefully dig in it soon!
  8. I prepared a file "preview.ogg" but it always plays a second soumd on top during selection - not the beep selection sound only but really a second different one. How can this be avoided?
  9. And suddenly it was finished. So if I will have to wait each time after powerUp to start with the game... Lets see. Unfortunately ni progress indication or anything else to let me patiently wait.
  10. Got exact same issue. Just installed PinSoundPlus with preinstalled USB - first update of firmware was successful and now having an endless cycle of 'checking soundfiles, plz wait'. Status LED are all green but besides a 'pong' sound and '... Plz wait' nothing happens.
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