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  1. Hi Dias, thanks for your message! There is no limit concerning the size of the USB flashdrive you use. However, keep in mind that the size and number of soundpacks you load on it will impact the loading time of these files : you can add as much soundpacks as you want but the more you put, the more time it will take for your soundboard to process them. Don't hesitate if you have any question. Have a nice day! Marylou
  2. Hi Hege, Could you send us an email detailing your problem at support @ pinsound.org ? If you can join your pinsound-self-diagnosis (situated at the root of the flash drive) to the email, we will be able to help you right away Have a nice day, Marylou
  3. Hello, At this time, our products are not compatible with this machine. We're working on it but we don't have any date when it'll be ready. You can find all the compatible machines on the "machines" page of our website. Have a nice day !
  4. Bonjour Julien, Je vous invite à vérifier votre boite mail, au cas où notre réponse de support soit tombée dans vos spams. D'avance, désolé si c'est le cas. Nous allons faire de notre mieux pour vous aider
  5. Hello oradke, sorry you waited so long for an answer. There is not way to copy all the user shaker settings at the moment, but this is a feature we are working on for a future implementation. Don't hesitate if you have any question, and have a nice day!
  6. Hello Jedi! Great work re-remastering IJ Pinball Adventure soundtrack. And thanks for sharing it to the community! You can upload your version in the Downloads category of this forum. Please click the "Submit a file" button and fill in all the information about your mix. We will then create a link on the website for your mix Have a nice day, and happy new year!
  7. Hello Freddyst, Thanks for your message. We're glad to know you found fixed your problem! Enjoy your pinball games
  8. Bonjour Romuald, Ravie que vous ayez trouvé une solution. Profitez bien de votre flipper pendant les fêtes ! 🎄
  9. Hello King Henry Can't wait to listen to your sound pack! Thank you for contributing to the pinball world by sharing your skills with us! Take care
  10. Hey J! Thanks for your message, and for helping others here! We made a beginner guide to use PinSound Studio, if it can help you: https://www.pinsound.org/pinsound-studio-pro/ We are working on a in-depth tutorial video on the subject. I hope you'll find what you are looking for! Have fun editing!
  11. Sorry we could not answer earlier! I'm glad you found the fix. Enjoy!
  12. Hello! We recommend using a 3.0 (or more) USB Flash drive but you can try to play it with a 2.0 Can't wait to know what you thought about your setup!
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