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  1. Hey guys! Have you revisited this topic? Can't be too hard to simply import the shaker settings from another config file, or is it? I believe you'd make a lot of people happy, because then we could combine our favorite shaker settings with our favorite sound packages! Oliver
  2. That would be awesome, because it would allow easy switchign between orchestrations while maintaining the shaker settings.
  3. Nothing? I thought this question might be of interest for many users.
  4. Is there a way to copy all the user shaker settings from one pinsound.config-file to another?
  5. Also make sure you have the data east power booster!
  6. Audacity can normalize files and is capable of batch conversions.
  7. oradke

    STTNG Shaker

    I had the same problem. It’s the factory default shakerization, and I didn’t like it either. You can easily make your own though by adding shaker commands to the orchestration and replacing the pinsound.config file on the usb stick. Worked for me.
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