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This was posted by another customer so as you read this exchange NEO with PLUS and Batman with WCS 94 and this is the same boat I am in......



Purchased Pinsound NEO, downloaded Batman_Forever_Original.zip

Formatted thumb drive to FAT32.

Copied Batman_Forever_Original.zip file to freshly formatted thumb drive

Installed board in machine, inserted thumb drive, applied power.

"Performing Audio Conversion Please Wait"

then 3 times it says:

"Error Encountered During Audio Conversion"

then it says:

"Checking USB Flash Drive Please Wait"

then 3 times it says:

"There Are No Sound Files On The USB Flash Drive"

Tried another USB Thumb Drive... same problem.

Tried a third USB Thumb Drive... same problem.

Erased partition on thumb drive and created a new simple partition (FAT32) with a size of 8220 MB ... same problem.

Downloaded Batman_Forever_Original.zip file a second time, same problem.

Used Winrar to verify the Batman_Forever_Original.zip file... no errors in archive.

When finished, the thumb drive has no zip file in the root directory anymore.  The root of the Flash does not contain a diagnostics file, only two directories:

audio (empty)

tmp (contains directory Batman_Forever_Original which contains jingle, music, sfx, single and voice directories full of files and config.pinsound)


What can I do now?






More troubleshooting...

Though I just purchased the Pinsound NEO, I downloaded the firmware update and did that.

I have a Lethal Weapon 3 pinball, so I downloaded the sound file for that, and everything worked perfectly.


Lethal_Weapon_3_1992 (active)


(This is from the Diagnostic file off the thumb drive after the Pinsound NEO successfully worked with the Lethal Weapon 3 file)


After the successful test of the Pinsound NEO and thumb drive in the Lethal Weapon 3, I tried once again to use the Batman_Forever_Original.zip...  and had the same problem.


So...  I've got a working Pinsound NEO, working thumb drive.  What I don't have is a Batman Forever sound file that will pass the Audio Conversion part of the installation.


The sad thing is that I REALLY need a sound board for this Batman Forever pinball!

Any suggestions?

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I was having trouble also getting my files recognized then I read that other people how were using Mac computers to mount the file on the USB drive were also having the problem.  Broke out my old pc and loaded the file using that and it worked just fine.  Are you using a Mac computer by chance? if so try using a PC.

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