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Pinsound NEO Batman Forever Error Audio Conversion


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Purchased Pinsound NEO, downloaded Batman_Forever_Original.zip

Formatted thumb drive to FAT32.

Copied Batman_Forever_Original.zip file to freshly formatted thumb drive

Installed board in machine, inserted thumb drive, applied power.

"Performing Audio Conversion Please Wait"

then 3 times it says:

"Error Encountered During Audio Conversion"

then it says:

"Checking USB Flash Drive Please Wait"

then 3 times it says:

"There Are No Sound Files On The USB Flash Drive"

Tried another USB Thumb Drive... same problem.

Tried a third USB Thumb Drive... same problem.

Erased partition on thumb drive and created a new simple partition (FAT32) with a size of 8220 MB ... same problem.

Downloaded Batman_Forever_Original.zip file a second time, same problem.

Used Winrar to verify the Batman_Forever_Original.zip file... no errors in archive.

When finished, the thumb drive has no zip file in the root directory anymore.  The root of the Flash does not contain a diagnostics file, only two directories:

audio (empty)

tmp (contains directory Batman_Forever_Original which contains jingle, music, sfx, single and voice directories full of files and config.pinsound)


What can I do now?



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More troubleshooting...

Though I just purchased the Pinsound NEO, I downloaded the firmware update and did that.

I have a Lethal Weapon 3 pinball, so I downloaded the sound file for that, and everything worked perfectly.


Lethal_Weapon_3_1992 (active)


(This is from the Diagnostic file off the thumb drive after the Pinsound NEO successfully worked with the Lethal Weapon 3 file)


After the successful test of the Pinsound NEO and thumb drive in the Lethal Weapon 3, I tried once again to use the Batman_Forever_Original.zip...  and had the same problem.


So...  I've got a working Pinsound NEO, working thumb drive.  What I don't have is a Batman Forever sound file that will pass the Audio Conversion part of the installation.


The sad thing is that I REALLY need a sound board for this Batman Forever pinball!

Any suggestions?



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