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Working on my Star Trek Anthology again but am confused by Pinsound Studio Pro vs Pinsound Studio?


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I'm posting as m00dawg2 since I can't seem to dig up my old credentials (whoops). I'm the creator of the STTNG Anthology soundpack and have been working on adding some extras to it this weekend as I finally brought my TNG back to working order. Additions are at the bottom of this post for the curious.

In any case, since I last used Pinsound there's now a Studio Pro (Windows only alas) to replace the old studio? Having some issues since Studio Pro doesn't seem to recognize the old sound packs. Anyone know if there is a converter available? I made the mistake of upgrading my firmware which seems to have also reset some of my gain settings and it seems Pro will allow me to configure those again.

I downloaded the upgraded base pack from the main Pinsound website so I could go in and manually put my files back. That's a lot of work I'd like to avoid if I could though?




I haven't managed to run into "Shut Up Wesley!" on my playthroughs but some of the others are working. "Shut Up Wesley!" was what originally inspired me to work on this again hehe. I wish I could coordinate that a bit better so it only happens when Wesley starts talking (rather than Data) but I don't think there is a way to do that.

Also per the above I need to re-adjust the gain though and make some additional tweaks. Once I'm done I'll upload this as an available soundpack for folks that want these.



	Added Wesley “Sir this might finish me...”
	Added “Shut up Wesley”
	Added Q’s “Well just have to see how ready you are”
	Added Q’s “The Trial Never Ends” from Picard Season 2
	Added Q’s “The Trial Never Ends”
	Added Borg Queen “We will add your distictiveness to our own”
	Added Borg Queen “Welcome home Locutus”

	Added Geordi “We have a problem here”
	Added Data “Oh shit”
	Added Geordi Warp Core Breach
	Added Data’s Lifeforms
	Added “Watch your future’s end”
	Added Picard Season 1 Theme
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that is fantastic - would love to hear the result! 

I just purchased Pinsound and making my first steps with it - currently waiting to register serial. 

At this point I am pretty confused what can and how it can be done, could not find a FAQ but maybe I searched at the wrong location.

Anyway, keep up this amazing work and I will hopefully dig in it soon! 

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Fortunately I believe you can use older Pinsound package with the newer hardware so once I finish the updates, this should drop right in. My older version is up here on the forums as well (under m00dawg, without the 2). This version just adds to it with some additional callouts and a few things from Picard (the new series).


The one thing I haven't figured out is, well I don't want to spoil it but I don't know how else to explain it. "Thank You Mr. Data" now has Wesley and Picard ("Sir I know this will finish me as an acting ensign but... SHUT UP WESLEY!". It makes me giggle everytime. But the two callouts are random. So there's times you'll get Data talking and Picard saying Shut Up Wesley for example - I can't figure out how to tie the random selection together.


Apart from that I just need to tweak a few of the new callouts - some were a tad long for how the came sequences them (e.g. for Q's mission Riker's callout happens at a specific interval after Q starts talking).

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Found your previous package and that is my favourite in usage - great stuff! 

Maybe you can use the 'SEQ1-...' as naming on both soundfiles to have them always played in the same order. 

To be more precise:

Use prefix 'SEQ1-' for the Data/Picard callout and prefix 'SEQ2-' for Wesley/Picard files each. 

So you have a sequence 'SEQ1-' with Data and next time 'SEQ2-' with Wesley correponding correctly with Picards answer (worth a try at least, as it is undocumented feature :)

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