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  1. the new incoming version should fix this problem. I'm working on it. thanks for your patience :)
  2. The new PinSound Studio Pro has been fully rewritten, I focused on making sure it was easy to use and allow anyone to customize the different sound package settings (channel volume, individual gain, motion control shaker / relay settings, ...). I'll continue to work on new features in the future, thanks for your support (and patience)
  3. J'imagine qu'il y a un souci sur le package son que tu as créé, mais vu que je ne l'ai pas de mon côté, difficile de savoir d'où vient le problème. Tu as essayer de passer par le PinSound Studio pour charger ta clé ?
  4. A new version of the PinSound Studio is available: https://www.pinsound.org/help/pinsound-studio/
  5. Please make sure you've updated your PinSound with the latest firmware available: https://www.pinsound.org/help/
  6. The next version of PinSound Studio will fix this issue. Coming soon, currently working on releasing it...
  7. Are you sure you're running with the latest firmware 0090?
  8. What's the problem with multiple sound packages? Nobody has reported an issue about it for the latest PinSound Studio... I can't fix it if I'm not aware of it.
  9. J'ai remis en forme complètement le site pour mieux clarifier quels mix existent et où les trouver : https://www.pinsound.org/pinballs/
  10. You should try a USB3.0 flash drive, it should fix your lag issue.
  11. Nicolas, is there anyway we can assign an icon pic to the files we upload instead of that plain black square that shows up next to all the files?

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