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Are all the files in each folder truly random?


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Hey all,

I've been building sound packages for DE Jurassic Park and have come across something strange. In one music folder, the pinsound board always seems to pick the same song. Always the last file in the folder. 

I'm finding this very strange since it seem like the only (or at least one of the only folders) that does this. Everything else seem to be random. 

This folder (the System Failure folder) only plays once per game, but I've played it many times and it's always the same. The other folders, seem to be random, even in the music folder. In the System Failure folder though, it's always the last file; I know this because I've changed the order of the files and it plays whatever track I have last. Is there a explanation of how and why this happens? And is there any way to tell it to be random? 

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