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A little tip: When you select a new sound theme let your pinball say One, two, three...


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I have a Terminator 2 Pinball, when you select a theme, a different sound by pressing "0" you always hear "Way to go!".

In other words, you don't hear directly witch sound theme you select.

I have made new "Way to go!" files. I downloaded a countdown timer from youtube. Converted that to wav.

I cut that in smaller pieces, so you have "One", "two" etc.

Then I grab the "Way to go" wave file en made one wave with a lady who says " one" first an than Arnie says " Way to go"

The second "Two, Way to go!", "Three way to go!". and so on.

It put those files in the first, second etc themes in the "Voice"- map and sub-map "Way to go!"

Put those on the usb en delete ".cache"

When I select a theme now I first hear the number. So you can never make a mistake  :D .

Hope you like my tip, If you wat more info just ask.   

Here are my 1,2,3,4,5,6 files for Terminator 2.

I will make 7, 8, 9 and 10 also.

Hope everyone understands my idea. :D 

When you select and the numbers don't follow each other, then exchange them between the themes till you get the right order :D .


way to go F1.wav way to go F2.wav way to go F3.wav way to go F4.wav way to go F5.wav way to go F6.wav

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OK, I found out how to do it: In "voice" I created a directory called 0000000000-Announce in which I placed a wav file to play.

You can do the same in the directory "music" and play a different tune or speech to recognize the selected card. I place a copy of the main tune in there, so it is the same type of music I can expect during playing.

This file will be used when selecting the soundpack, but is not part of the pinball requested sounds.

I used an utility called "OpenTX Speaker" which is used for an RC transmitter. It can produce in batch a set of WAV files that contain the sentences you type as plain text. In this way, you can let the pinball "speak" the soundset you have selected. So the "Soundpack One" etc. are generated, or just type "Soundpack one  Original sounds"


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In the end, I used another tool to create the .wav files from text. TTSautomate uses text-to-speak, you can type in the text you want end get .wav files.

I'll add a screen print below. I used a "strange order", because the packs are not selected in the order of loading, but in their alfabetical order. By putting these numbers in "phrase to speak" the selection goes 1,2,3,4 etc. I could get my files sorted and have the filenames reflect the soundpack sequence numbers, but in the end it doesn't matter. 

But.... in which directories  to put them? It is sort of unpredictable. I put the appropriate .wav file in a directory 0000000000-Announce in "music" and "voice". I also add a similar directory to "single", but place an .wav file there that doesn't produce any sound. As always, I remove the buffer file, which is then created by the card. The 000000000 "just" makes sure it is the first in the list.

Whereas for many sound packs this works great, for some it doesn't. Difficult to see the rules, some announcements of the soundpacks keep on playing effects or music. What is the rule here? Anyone knows the magic that is behind it? In the end I prefer a "soft" music file reflecting the theme overlaid by my generated .wav file reading out the soundpack.


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Last thing I did was maintain and generate these announcement (wav) files on my  computer and create a script that: 

- Removes all 000000000-announce and 0000000001-announce directories with their content from the USB stick from voice and music.

- create 000000000-announce directories with the generated .wav announcements from tts automate, in both voice and music.

- figure out the name of the file with the main theme, then create a background music file (an .ogg file) that I place in voice\0000000001-announce.

This works OK, only for one soundpack it picks up the first voice from the directory with speech for the pinball, allthough my directories are alfabetically before it.

I used "sox" to create a background music with 80% reduced volume.

All this is executed from a powershell script, in windows 11.

This seems to be the only part that I cannot resolve, maybe its a bug. I tried removing and re-adding the problematic soundpack (13 doctors for me), and tried adding more directories / files. Those did not help.

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