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The Addams Family - Original sound set incorrect


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This is my 2nd Pinsound board - 1st was installed in a Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, and recently I just installed a 2nd in my Addams Family after my original sound board fried. After installing the Pinsound board in my TAF and loading up the original sound set, just like MSF I'm finding that the original sound set is not correct. It's playing sound clips that it shouldn't, the volume varies from clip to clip, and sometimes the sounds run together and/or stop playing prematurely. This is not extensive, and are just the differences I've noticed after playing for 5 minutes.

Can someone please explain to me who is creating the original sound sets and what process they're using to do so? I've got another thread open regarding MSF with the same issue, but have so far received no help (Note: Do a search for "incorrect" and you'll see my posts). Nicolas did communicate with me briefly over email and I sent him a spreadsheet with all the variances I've found in the MSF original sound set, but it's now been 4 months and multiple email attempts later with no response. I'm so disappointed right now as the original sound for TAF is extremely important to me. It's beginning to look like the Pinsound is not supposed to be used as a factory sound board replacement.

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