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Normalizing sound levels in WAV and reset gain for all files


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Good morning,

I recently acquired a Pinsound+ to setup in my LOTR. The provided remix from the community are good, but I have two major issues:

- They are LOUD. I mean, I have to setup the sound to 1... Anything above blows my ears

- There is a major discrepancy between sound / music effects (at least on the mix I like the most)

Adjusting the levels manually in Pinsound Studio is kind of a major pain, hence my questions:

- Is there a SW out there that would normalize to a common level all files within a given subfolder

- Once the above is done, is there a way to reset all gains from pinsound config file ? Would using the default config file from the "original" file revert all gains to 0 ?

Thanks and regards

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