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STTNG Shaker


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Hi, I have a new shaker that i just installed. Love it already but i think it shakes to much on everything! Like just bouncing around it give shakes when hitting almost all targest, bumpers, going in outlanes and swiches etc.... I thought it would be shaking when missing or events etc....


Can this be changes ? I looked at the Pinsound studio pro but thats only when a sound is played you can change how it react. Im thinking this is some default settings ?

My system is a STTNG and using current soundpack  Ultimate by Pinballshark 1.0.0

HELP! :-)

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I had the same problem. It’s the factory default shakerization, and I didn’t like it either. You can easily make your own though by adding shaker commands to the orchestration and replacing the pinsound.config file on the usb stick. Worked for me. 

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