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Funky Deep TZ mix

Doctor Grisou

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I made a funky/deep house mix for TZ. I am really happy with the final result: everything play very smooth. The music genre is very specific, I am a funky and house music fan, and I know this genre have a very tiny audience. There are many of my favourite tracks, and the main one is composed by myself: so this is my very personal dream soundtrack.

It took quite a bit to set everything fine (especially looping and volume levels), but it was great fun!



a discussion also on The Pinball Narcissist:


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Hi guys, thanks for the appreciation. I posted the video also on Pinside but it looks like people generally did not like it much. I believe it depends on the genre, beside pinball itself. In all my life I just got sarcasm from people when playing this amazing music.. Even if you play top notch artists l(within this genre) like Move D or Jeff Mills, average Joe just turn away in disgust. Yes, this is a rant.


I decide to keep this "mix" for myself, as a sort of artistic unique artwork. I know its selfish in a way, but it took a long time to do it and I do not feel like giving it away like that (I do not refer to getting money, which I could not being copyrighted material, but just uploading a file, with the results that it will be less appreciated afterwards - see later). This is a provocation, but there is also a kind of experiment in it: its probably the only case left in the music industry where you cannot get a copy of an artwork/song/soundtrack (because the recording is tied and totally dependent on the hardware). The music industry almost died, because of free mp3 available to everybody. Not only it was a loss money-wise for the producers, but also people stopped paying attention to music because... its free. I came to the conclusion that people need to PAY for something in order to respect it. And this sucks. We have seen this in the digital world, but I think it would be the same in the real world. If Ferrari cars were free, and everybody could own one, I believe most people would stop paying attention to those amazing pieces of engeneering. Actually I noticed that, for the same item, people generally value it more when they pay an higher price for it. More generally, it looks like people need SCARCITY in order to have motivation, and tend to disrespect ABUNDANCE, even if filled with quality. I believe that learning to appreciate things regardless their price tag is one of the important challanges for the future of the planet. I know it sounds crazy, but I really mean it.


I hope you guys will understand what I mean. Maybe I will change my mind and decide to share, this specific mix is not such a big deal of course. But its a perfect example of what I explained above. For the moment I want to enjoy my unique piece of art, and let know my visitors (only friends with excellent musical tastes in my basement! :) that that TZ they are playing is the only one available in the universe. ;-)) Its beautiful, and they can play it for free. I hope they will then LISTEN to the soundtrack, and dont just superficially hear it.


On an altruist note, I am working on the Shadow OST mix, creating one single track per mode, fixing volume levels, and moving sounds in the correct folders in order to let the soundtrack flow correctly. This is going to be shared here of course.

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