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Johnny Mnemonic - Paradox OST Remix


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I noticed that the "locked ball on matrix" sound was causing all music to stop (even on the OST this was derived from) - yet it is just a two minute long series of sound effects.  This really broke the audible flow.  I've uploaded a new version (1.0.1) that has moved this sound to the "sfx" group instead.  Now it plays on top of the music and appropriately gets cancelled as other sfx trigger and hits the "3 simultaneous sfx" limit.

While making these adjustments, I took the opportunity to balance the volumes a little better.  I lowered the music as it was drowning everything else out and then gave the voices a little boost - should be a better mix.

There were a couple of other long running jingles (2 minutes) that were not getting cancelled when major game events happened, but since those events tended to trigger new music (and since the jingles were basically overpowering the music anyways), so I went ahead and moved those specific jingles to music.

Lastly, I re-exported the stereo music files into WAV files, instead of OGG.  Seems to verify the files much faster.

Will keep working on it.  In talks w/ PinSound regarding the shaker effects.  Once I have the details for the current firmware ones, I'll be tweaking those and looking for appropriate places to add others.  If anyone has any requests in this area, please let me know.

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