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A little tip: When you select a new sound theme let your pinball say One, two, three...


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I have a Terminator 2 Pinball, when you select a theme, a different sound by pressing "0" you always hear "Way to go!".

In other words, you don't hear directly witch sound theme you select.

I have made new "Way to go!" files. I downloaded a countdown timer from youtube. Converted that to wav.

I cut that in smaller pieces, so you have "One", "two" etc.

Then I grab the "Way to go" wave file en made one wave with a lady who says " one" first an than Arnie says " Way to go"

The second "Two, Way to go!", "Three way to go!". and so on.

It put those files in the first, second etc themes in the "Voice"- map and sub-map "Way to go!"

Put those on the usb en delete ".cache"

When I select a theme now I first hear the number. So you can never make a mistake  :D .

Hope you like my tip, If you wat more info just ask.   

Here are my 1,2,3,4,5,6 files for Terminator 2.

I will make 7, 8, 9 and 10 also.

Hope everyone understands my idea. :D 

When you select and the numbers don't follow each other, then exchange them between the themes till you get the right order :D .


way to go F1.wav way to go F2.wav way to go F3.wav way to go F4.wav way to go F5.wav way to go F6.wav

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