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  1. Extract the files to your computer first. Then copy the extracted folders to a clean usb drive. PM me if you still have trouble.
  2. On my BSD I use a faster USB3 type.
  3. I use a pretty standard SanDisk 16GB in my machine, with the first edition pinsound card and it works fine.
  4. What version of the pinsound board do you have?
  5. https://www.pinsound.org/help/pinsound-plus-help/
  6. Did you reformat the drive first? If not, try that.
  7. I see. I use facebook messenger to contact, and they respond quite fast there. Remeber, they do have day jobs, so I dont think they have that much time on their hands after work. I guess patience is important. :-) I believe they can fix this.
  8. I think you should start making a new sound design! It is a lot of work, but the reward is really great ? And when you are done you can share with everyone, contributing to the community, making everyone with a batman forever love you. ;-) Although you would need a starting point with the stock audio and foldernames.. I believe that is what the pinsound guys have done with all the other games on the site. Have you contacted them about this?
  9. 1. Yes, all the files insider a folder named Audio at root. 2. The config file should also be in the audio folder. 3. The board is converting the files onto the USB stick. So, no files are being stored inside the board memory. You can unzip the files before transfering to the USB stick. That will save you alot of time. The pinside board reads .wav files Just post here if you get stuck ??
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