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Star Trek TNG - Sound Rom info


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Hey all, Noob to the forum. If this is the wrong place to ask please moderate.


I have this listing from Dan Forden who did the sound for STTNG when  he worked at Williams. I dumped the sound using PinMame and compared it to his listing. I have a 1:1 match.

However, can someone explain to me if the masked ROM addresses contain any data and if not what are the address pointers used for....

Green I  could dump, Red addresses I could not. These are a short list of a large file.


1111 ($0457) 2 63.2 72.5 FX: Cool Award (Final Frontier)

1112 ($0458) 2 5.0 5.8 FX: Collect Goody

1120 ($0460) 2 60.7 69.6 FX: ST:TNG video fx - ignore

1122 ($0462) 2 111.8 128.2 FX: Hurry Up Award [2 3]


Star Trek The Next Generation Pinball (c) 1993 Wil (11/04/93 11:40:25)

page 11 Sound Call Table (continued)

Decimal Hex Track Video Pinball Description

------- ------- ----- ------- ------- -----------

1123 ($0463) 2 86.2 98.9 FX: Short Big Phaser

Total 482 Sound Calls

Star Trek The Next Generation Pinball (c) 1993 Wil (11/04/93 11:40:25)

page 12 Region Table (EPROM)

File Length Length Length Bitrate Compression Name Address bytes frames seconds kbit/sec Type

-------- -------- ------ ------ -------- -------- -------

BIGBANG1 0x00826E 16258 341 0:02.619 49.664 BOB[4.00] -vb79 -vi15 -vr63

BIGBANG2 0x00C1F0 19486 375 0:02.880 54.128 BOB[4.00] -vb95 -vi15 -vr79

BIRRELEV 0x010E0E 3286 121 0:00.929 28.289 BOB[6.00] -vb47 -vi15 -vr15

BPINBALL 0x011AE4 1832 64 0:00.492 29.818 BOB[6.00] -vb47 -vi15 -vr15


If these is a sound rom guru, point me to them please.



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On 12/19/2021 at 2:34 AM, Nacman said:

listing from Dan Forden

Hi Nac,

just curious if you could share it with me, plz.

Also just noob with Pinsound and trying to figure out what can be done to pimp my GalaxyClassPin ;)



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