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Indiana Jones Reorchestration


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Working on IJ as a filler atm. 

So what will this be: 

- Exact (as possible) reorchestration of the EXISTING pinball soundtrack, using the OST and original reorchestrated tracks that are not in the movies (Tank Chase, Well of Souls for example). I'm using world class virtual instruments to do the orchestra. I don't want to change the experience that Chris Granner gave us with his soundtrack. 

- Most of the speech and fx extracted in HD from the Bluray editions of the Movies and also from some of the games. 



Q: Why are you doing this? DCS sounds great to me! 
A: Yes. It does sound really good.

Q: Is it worth the effort?

A: Probably not.


Q: Will the difference be HUGE?

A: On music: Yes. On speech: No. But there will be more speech.

The main reason I do this is... tadadadadam: STEREO!!!! 

Here an example of tank chase mode. This track is not from the movies. It simply doesn't exist in the movies. I listened to the whole OST of all 3 movies (who ever says there is a 4th will be banned from downloading this forever) multiple times. So I had to recreate it from scratch (like all Fanfares for mode start etc.). Hope you dig it: 



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80% of the music are done, I'm improving some scores. 

I might have access to the clean, original speech files in the future, but this is NOT a promise. It might happen though. So the first release will be with all the speech samples (except Salah extra samples for the game) exported from the Bluray-Editions of the movies. Better quality, but sometimes some background noise. 

It will also have additional speech samples!

Stay tuned. 


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I was working with Chris Granner on this and we hoped for the original files from Chris Granners DAT Tapes (the DCS version of TZ got released that way) as I wanted to use the speech in HQ. Chris found the tapes with the music on it, but couldn't find the ones with the speech (and isn't sure he ever had them anyways). So all the speech will be from the 5.1 Bluray Editions of the movies cut as clean as possible (I'm looking in all 6 channels to find the cleanest samples). This means there is a chance of background noise though, but the quality is way better than the original DCS files (not as muffled etc.)

I hope you will like it. For purist who like the soundtrack of this pinball machine as it is, this is the version for you.

I was listening to the whole OST for many many hours to find all the small loops that make the music for IJ. Some tracks like "Well of Souls", "Tank Chase" or "Monkey Brains" simply did not exist in the movies at all. Same goes for all the transitions (called fanfares or jingles). I reorchestrated those from the ground up.

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Here you go guys... a little preview: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/2932654/Indy%20Preview.mp3

It is everything but finished of course. It's still missing some fx and music scores... but well... I have a life too  :D 

The balancing isn't perfect yet but I will have to test that on a my indy once I received my Pinsound Board. 

I'm open for suggestions of course. Have in mind that some things simply aren't done yet! 

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Good news.

I received my Pinsound Board for the IJ yesterday. I also updated to a 2-way Stereo System + Sub. I can actually start to test my mix for

the IJ Reorchestration now!

What will it be?

- a high quality reorchestration of the EXISTING soundtrack for Williams Indiana Jones Pinball Machine made by Chris Granner. The reason I do it is that I love it the way it is - I just don't like the "cheap" midi sounds as they didn't age well in my ears. Yes, it has all the pretty short loops just like the original. If you find that repetitive you need to look out for one of the OST Versions that's allready on Pinsound-Community.org

- all the FX is from the Indiana Jones Bluray Editions and later Videogames for best possible quality. 

- all the speech is from the Bluray Editions of the movies (except Salahs special callouts for obvious reasons) and there are lot's and lot's of additional quotes!  

The mix is true Stereo and uses it a lot! I recommend a speaker upgrade to 2.1 if you decide to go for a Pinsound Board in your IJ. 

I will release this as soon as I think it's finished (I hope in the next 2 weeks). It will be completely for free. 
As this is a 200+ hours project that I do in my spare time I'm happy for any donations from the community. Please contact me if you like my work and you want to donate. 

Check out this little preview - I still have to tweak it a lot - but you'll get the idea: 


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Hi, I was just wondering if you could help me with some trivia I've always wondered about. Do you know who supplied the voice at the start of eternal life multiball? ("collect everything!)

How did you deal with this in your reorchestration?

That's the original voice of John Rhys-Davis,the actor of Sallah. He did special quotes for the game. I usually use some Restauration plug-ins to make them sound better but it's barely worth it.



And no... Unless someone gives me an Adams I won't do it. Sorry.

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Uploading an Update right now. It comes with a config.ini with my custom ducking settings. Please read the txt file I provided.

Since the last version this is what happened:

- Recut almost all the "gun" sfx as there was some delay with certain sounds when targets are hit (I simply didn't cut right at the transient the first time I did it)

- Reorchestrated "Three Challenges" instead of using the OST... now it's the fast "Granner-Version" which I prefer

- Reorchestrated "Steal The Stones" to sound like Granners version instead of the OST

- Reorchestrated "Choose Wisely" with a choir, organs to sound like Granners version instead of the OST.

- Reorchestrated the "You have chosen wisely" jingle that was just the voice in the last version. Now with choir and drum etc.

- MANY MANY MANY volume fixes

- Less bass in the droptarget boom so your house wont fall apart.

This update should be available soon at Pinsound-Community.org

Please let me know what you think!

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