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Is There A User Manual On How To Create A New Sound Pack


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I have a TAF and want to improve on the sounds that are available now.

I wanted to start with the original sounds so I downloaded the files from Pinsound.  I was not expecting a '.pspack' but was hoping for something similar to those sound files that can be downloaded from the community.

I also downloaded a 'psrec' file.  What do I do with that?

I figured I would start with the original files and improve on them one at a time.  But since I cannot seem to get the originals from the pspack into WAV or OGG file format and folders, I am at a loss of where to go from here.  PinSound Studio Pro seems to be rather limited as to what it can do - yes I know it is not a sound editor.

I am fluent in Audacity editing.  It is figuring out how to match the sound files with the game instructions that indicate which sound to trigger - which I assume is contained in the pspack that has me confused.

To add to my issues, I am running a Mac, but have VMWare installed and Windows 7.

Mr. Tantrum's instructions on Pinside are a nice start, but 25 pages of comments is a lot to get through.  Am looking for more of a manual.  PinSound does not seem to have much on their site.

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