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Indiana Jones - I fixed many sound files of "Re-mastered Endprodukt" Sound Package


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Hello, I'm new to the PinWorld but do what I can as an IT professional.  I recently got a Pinsound system, and put it on my IJ Pinball Adventure machine.  In doing so I liked the "Re-Mastered Endproduk the best but found many issues with the sound files.  The music was too low, the callouts where strange and not staying true to the original and the levels of callouts where either too loud or too low.  Well I went I spent over 10 hours tweaking all the music files, editing with Audacity and the amplify and Envelope functions.  I even added some much needed silence when needed. For example, when you complete the ramp loops and have to hit the center to make the plane crash animation.. The callout says "Great Shot" when you make it, but since this is also the ball lock hole, it would say both of these callouts at the same time on top of each other.  I fixed it so that the Locked ball now has a silence buffer and they are now one after another.

My point is that I just completed this Re-Master of Endproduckt's Sound package and while I'd gladly give him all the credit; I just wondered if anyone would like to try the version I created?  Is there a way to add to the list of existing sound packages for IJ pinball adventure.  Thanks.  I call it "Jedi-Re-Remaster of Endproduk"  Thanks.

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Hello Jedi!

Great work re-remastering IJ Pinball Adventure soundtrack. And thanks for sharing it to the community!

You can upload your version in the Downloads category of this forum. Please click the "Submit a file" button and fill in all the information about your mix. We will then create a link on the website for your mix :)

Have a nice day, and happy new year!

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