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The Expanded Mix - Lucy v2.0

About This File

Fellow Friends of Miss Lucy Westenra,

I present, The Expanded Mix - Lucy v2.0.

In this mix, you’ll witness the unfortunate unraveling of an innocent soul caught in the grips of a monster, as friends and family race to save her. The noises you'll hear throughout will identify and progress that situation.

You’ll experience daintier/lighter pre-launch intro songs and more sounds of Lucy before, during and after her attack, as well as Mina and the Dr's desperately trying to solve her mystery illness during play.

For example, the coffin shots reflect the series of events of… 1.) Lucy being bitten… 2.) Lucy explaining the attack… 3.) Lucy revealing weird health issues… 4.) Lucy freakishly lashing out… 5.) Lucy giving a final undeniable dangerous outburst… with the final coffin and castle jackpots being Lucy’s pivotal moments.

And more...



The Dracula and Lucy mixes are made from nothing other than official movie sources to capture the sounds and songs.

The mixes are to be paired together, and the player should flip between facing Dracula or Lucy, game to game, as they choose.

They share many foundational sound patterns, yet each have exclusive materials strategically placed to keep you in each adventure. The pre-launch intro music of each ball will always tell you what mix you’re on.

Nearly every action has multiple songs or call-outs to choose from, and selected/edited for cohesion together and for the theme of the moment. Some actions in the game have anywhere from 3 to 5, 15 or 25 songs to choose from, while most actions with call-outs range from 1 to 5 options to cycle through.

- The rollovers act as Drac pulling you into the castle.

- The 2 sets of spot targets are the concubines.

- Slings and left ramp you're dealing with the castle spirits.

- Right orbit and drop targets are full of wolves and growls.

- The altar consists of rats and bad memories, etc. etc. etc.

The music you hear throughout the mix is from the original soundtrack and it’s unreleased bonus tracks, but also from dozens of alternates, B and C side songs they used in the movie that did not make the soundtrack. All tracks are ethically sourced, officially licensed and high quality copies that I was super lucky to stumble upon.

Wojciech Kilar’s music score for this is incredibly beautiful, and music played a big role in the creation of the movie, so I tried to lean into that when choosing sounds for certain things.

Please enjoy, and for the dead travel fast...



- Watch the movie. You will connect some dots on the sounds chosen, and enjoy the mix more if you did.

- Use a sub with the game to get the full audio experience. I have all Pyle speakers wired for stereo, with an external sub, and my volume is usually set to 7 or 8.

- Update your Pinsound board to the latest code available on their website

- Clear your Pinsound thumb drive completely, not just drag the last mix to the trash, but a quick and easy reformat/erase to wipe all unseen saved data. Google your thumb drive and computer type to learn how.

- After you’re cleared, drop the zip file of the mix directly into your reformatted/erased thumb drive, and simply plug it into the game, turn on for processing. If you get an error sound, let it go and on the third warning it should proceed through the upload.

- Switching the ‘Volume Change’ setting #8 in the Feature Adjustments menu to ‘No’. This helps avoid the game making random volume peaks and lows I’m not fond of. I think it sounds great with this set to off.

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