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early SS support (pre Williams 11)

Doctor Grisou

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I love Pinsound. Recently I am getting into early and mid '80 pinball, and I think that a Pinsound board for older machines would make even more sense. On '90 machines you had original more than decent sounds and music, and its great to do enormously better with Pinsound.

But music, sounds, fxs from early SS was really very limited. True, the sound of those pinball machines (in some case excellently implemented!) reflects the feeling of that era. But often those sounds are very similar, and often times plainly annoying to contemporary ears. Some sound fx are great and typical of certain older machines, and those could be easily left in a Pinsound new version.

I don't know if the existing Pinsound board could be made compatible with such old systems, but I think even a new specific board for older machines should be built. A board like that would grow enormously the appeal of older machines. I like them already as they are, playability and replay factor (the most important aspect in a pinball machine in my opinion) is sometimes great in those machines. With new sounds and music they would become popular even among non long time collectors.

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