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Road Show Oldies Techno Classic Funk Mix


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Road Show Oldies Techno Classic Funk Mix

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Some sounds were eliminated (like the annoying taxi driver), some added, but this is mostly a music upgrade. Stuff like Michael Jackson, Queen, Earth Wind & Fire, Toto, etc is in here. Tons of disco/funk too for people who like to dance as they play.

This mix works very well with all groups of people, young and old. I've had great success with this mix on location. Nobody has ever complained. All music is leveled out very nicely so it isn't too loud or quiet.

Make sure you have "exit light show" on for extra affect... or whatever that setting is called. It'll add outro music to the game and I have it setup real nice so that it ends perfectly with the light show after 30 seconds for each end game.

All sounds and music are ogg files


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