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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein - Original (Corrected)

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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein - Original (Corrected)

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General fixes and added missing sound clips. Since there's no guide for recreating a stock sound set from scratch, I re-ripped and replaced all existing sound clips that were provided in the stock set and added all known missing clips. The new clips were normalized and trimmed to remove any leading or trailing silence.

Change log:


  • All voice samples replaced with new rips from IPDB ROM set using M1/BridgeM1
  • Naming revised to fix errors (i.e. "i_m_scared" -> "ice_cave" and "quick_shot" -> "creature", and some others)


Sound clips modified:

  • 0187747334-live_live_live_liiiiive_(with_sound_effects) - [VOICE] Creature multiball start sound clip incorrect...only shouts "live" 3 times. Replaced with correct sound clip that includes 4th scream "liiiiiiive")
  • 0496829822-dont_worry_sir_youre_well_guarded_(with_music) - [VOICE] Sound clip too loud. Reduced amplification -10 dB using Audacity
  • 0574192814-sega_(sonic) - [VOICE] Sound clip too loud. Reduced amplification -10 dB using Audacity


Sound clips added (missing from original set):

  • 0553383434-shes_dead - [VOICE] Game over sound clip #1
  • 0584864131-extra_ball - [JINGLE] Short music clip that plays behind "Live again!" when getting/beginning extra ball
  • 3443600532-all_that_i_once_loved_lies_in_a_shallow_grave - [VOICE] Game over sound clip #2
  • 3044456105-groan_(creature) - [SFX] Creature groan that plays twice at Geneva multiball start
  • 3601199329-more_thunder - [SFX] Thunderclap played during attract mode
  • 4086552397-frankenstein - [VOICE] Sound clip played upon pressing Start button to begin game


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