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Radical! Killing Joke "Eighties"

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Radical! Killing Joke "Eighties"

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Welcome to the Radical! Pinsound mixes.

This mix features Killing Joke "Eighties" as the main song.

These are v1 editions and I plan on continuing to tweak what goes where, adjust volumes, and add more SFX/voices to all areas as I go. And of course new song editions will keep coming.

All sound assets are mostly pulled from late 80's skate videos. My focus is on that era, but some music will dip into 70's punk and possibly early 90’s. But that's about as far as I want to deviate from the late 80's theme. Mostly punk/rock, but will eventually cover some jam band and hip-hop.


- The game starts and ends with voices from old skate videos of that ’85-’90 bygone era of skaters getting ready to hit the ramps.

- There’s sounds of ramps at the in-lanes, boards rolling at the spinners, grinding against the stand ups, wheel skids at the slings, press cameras distracting you at the pops, hissing and striking snakes, falling off the board at the out-lanes, plus more.

- Each RADICAL letter collected will have you hear a trick being performed and the crowd going wild.

- As you progress in the game the music will shift to match the mood of the growing accomplishments.

- There's a celebratory treat when you collect Mega Millions.

- At the end of every game there will be an ever-growing library of funky music it will randomly choose from to close out the match.

* If the image quality of the YouTube demo below is blurry, simply open it in YouTube and you'll see more viewing quality options.




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