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A better way - using AI for sound bytes


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I always loved the idea of pinsound, but I could never bring myself to buy one. Hearing custom audio clips with music associated and even worse the difference in audio quality makes it sound like a hack job. In the past I tried using Audacity and was never happy with the outcome. I gave up several years ago on the idea of pinsound .... until today. I found an excellent FREE web based AI tool that does an outstanding job of removing music from clips. Only one downside, it's one file at a time. And the final icing on the cake is to run the new file through Audacity and lowering the high frequency to match the factory audio clips. NOW your custom audio truly sounds and feels like it came straight from the factory!

And a side note, this web based tool also allows cutting and joining clips.

I've attached an example. One of my favorite clips from LOTR.  Notice only vocals are present. The original has music associated. 


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