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Johnny Mnemonic - Paradox OST Mix 1.0.1

About This File

I really enjoy the OST but wanted to take advantage of the stereo speakers.  This mix modifies the original music, running it through Izotope's Ozone Imager to provide stereo enhancement.  It also provides a few fixes from the original PinSound OST where the "lock ball on matrix" was configured as a "jingle" instead of a "sfx".  Feedback welcome!

Edited by Paradox921
Updated what was changed from OST

What's New in Version 1.0.1   See changelog


  • Re-exported music files to WAV instead of OGG
  • Adjusted mix volumes/balance (lowered music, boosted voices, etc.)
  • Moved a few long running tunes from "jingle" to "music" where appropriate
  • Moved "locked ball on matrix" to "sfx" to prevent it from stopping music

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