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  1. Been trying to download your Tommy files for days but always fail. It's the coolest thing i love it and dying to add it to my visual pinball. Is there anyway else to get it.

  2. Pinsound studio 0.9 is working fine with my DE mixes
  3. On peut se créer ses propres fichiers psrec avec visual pinball. You can create your own psrec files using visual pinball
  4. What DE tables are you using ? as 0.9 Pinsound studio is working fine for me (Gnr, Tommy, TFTC, LAH)
  5. You're welcome. The whole GnR pinball machine is a must have
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  7. After choosing your zip file, you have to wait that it is fully uploaded to the site (check the progress status), then you can proceed.
  8. 1) Do you use the 1.40 mix ? Most important : Check where you must plug your ribbon cable and the correct way (red line on pin 1). I think you have plugged in an incorrect place. 2) WHen you power the machine you have to wait a few secs, before you can hear the sound/music effects when starting the game. Check your +12Vdc (with the test point) on the power supply bord. You need to have a good signal, more than 11V. 3)Have you installe dthe latest firmware on your pinsound board ?
  9. http://www.pinsound.org/wp-content/uploads/releases/pinsound-update-0064.bin
  10. check the ribbon cable (with the red line in the correct place) check the volume pot (in the cab)
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  12. Version 1.40


    new revision of my mix
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