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  1. Special leechers speed 😁
  2. Did you ask here: https://qa.pinsound.org/ask
  3. I think you have to wait or create your own. There is no package available at the moment..
    Excellent pinsound mix, finally this pinball deserves the quality music, thanks for sharing!
  4. Not only yours, but all download files above 500 MB on this site. Edit: Found a solution, now using firefox with the downthemall extension. It all works fine now!
  5. Too bad the file is too big, uploads here are maximum 500 MB, can you share it from somewhere else?
  6. A big problem on this site but no one responds to any messages so I guess the answer is no for now.
  7. Where can we download the complete file?

    1. daspadger


      Hi, I am getting an error using Winzip. I have downloaded 2-3 times.

    2. Pinlow


      Download size on this site is limited to 500MB, so you always get an error with larger files.

  8. Wow, really impressed by this awesome pinsound mix. You have reached your goal to give it a movie like feel, excellent!
  9. Hello, I tried this awesome release but after the first ball the background music stops playing. Is there a way to fix this?
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