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  1. Elvis Pinsound Alternative mix

    Replaced the orginals songs with CD quality version and added some extra
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  2. Elvis Christmas Hits

    Elvis did a lot of Christmas songs in his time.  Listen to all of his classic Christmas songs while playing your favourite pinball machine!  Songs include:
    - Blue Christmas, Here Comes Santa Claus, I'll be home on Christmas Day, Santa Bring my Baby Back to Me, If I Get Home on Christmas Day, Merry Christmas Baby, Blue Christmas, Winter Wonderland, White Christmas, The First Noel, O Come All Ye Faithful, Santa Claus is Back in Town, plus many more. 
    All songs normalized to -17.5 under Amplify in Audacity.
    Happy Holidays!
    (4) Pinsound Elvis Christmas - YouTube


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  3. Elvis Rockabilly

    Added some new songs to the Andy_B mix and removed live tracks and replaced with original recordings.  Also added some songs to the Ball 1 so don't have to just listen to See See Rider all of the time.  Also removed some of the slower songs. All songs normalized to -17.5, similar to the original songs.
    Tried overall to give it a more upbeat rockabilly feel. New songs add include:
    - Mystery Train
    - Shake, Rattle and Roll
    - Good Rockin Tonight
    - That's All Right 
    Thanks to Andy_B for the original orchestration.  Hope you enjoy it!  


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  4. Elvis Remix

    An alternative Sound Package I created for Stern Elvis.
    Mainly just some additional options for the ball 2 and beyond tune and the end of game match tune but at least you get a bit of variation for balls 2 and 3 (and 4 and 5 I guess if you have 4 or 5 ball play set up in options!) and if you are lucky enough to get the match.
    I have tried to normalize the sound levels across the tracks but occasionally sound level will spike on particular tracks for no apparent reason so that may or may not be down to my individual set up.  Let me know if you have issues too please.
    P.S. I put in an Easter egg of a track in which is not by Elvis but is about Elvis - see if you get it (it's one of the match songs so you'll only have to live with it ever so often if you get the match :-))
    P.P.s. The Tilt Warnings are totally unrelated to Elvis also but I think they're rather apt.  Name the movie they are from for a free White Russian :-) (I can remove and revert to original if you let me know you don't like them).


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  5. More_Elvis

    Normalized mix with even more classic Elvis songs in the 2e ball game and after.


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  6. Elvis_Original



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