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White Water 2.0

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White Water 2.0

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Good can be better...

As with version 1.0 this reorchestrated whitewater 2.0 pinsound mix is made to sound even more close to the original music. 

Sfx and voices is of course still from Oliver Carell work, with Warren Davis as main actor. Warren Davis did the game original voices back in the early 90s.


Changes in this version:

The main change, and the reason for this relaunch, is that all tracks with electric guitars now is played with real guitar by Mats Frånberg insted of my midi/synthguitars. I think he nailed them pretty good!

Some base, drums and melodies have been updated to match the originals better.

All banjo sounds is replaced with more natural sounding banjo

Main multiball tune have two variations, one that loops the music as the original do, and one that loops the music a bit different, as in my prior release. Also, Mats did some cool guitarvariations on the raft10 track that I just had to add to the mix. Feel free to delete the files that you do not prefeer. Or keep them to let the game play them by random.

I've got some callout variations from Oliver Carell after the first release. These are now included in this pack

All tracks are remastered for more clear sound


A demo of this soundpack compared to the original can be found here:


Please use a good quality fast USB drive, I've tried cheap, "giveaway" drives thats just not up to speed, with sound issues as a result.


If you like what you hear, feel free to donate at https://paypal.me/StefanGranberg. I'll send all donation to Mats Frånberg.

Thank you

Stefan Granberg (SGRSGR)



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