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  1. Dracula Horror Mix 2.0 by Luke_Nukem

    NEW VERSION 2.0! ( Make sure you download the 450.1mb version by Luke_Nukem!!!)
    This mix completely transforms your machine into a dark and ominous experience!
    Here is my take on BSD… I’m only giving another option for our Pinsound owners… There are already a few great alternatives out there to download (Lucy mix, Hazzard) so I went for something different….. Horror… This is around 90% done at this point.. I wanted my game to be mean… evil… as scary as possible in the dark to play without sacrificing the source or stray from the theme too much.. All of Dracula's callouts are pitched down to further enhance the grim tone that is being set here. This mix completely transforms your machine! 
    Enjoy and keep an eye out for my other EPIC mixes I have published (The Shadow, Johnny Mnemonic) as well as many still to come( Terminator 2, Congo, Demolition Man, Star Trek The Next Generation, and The Getaway!)
    - Luke
    Dracula Horror Mix by Luke Smith



  2. The Shadow - Epic mix by Luke Smith

    I spent around 60 hours converting every single sfx and music file to make it sound and feel what I believe it should be like... Epic!!!
    - Luke Smith 
     AKA Luke_Nukem @Pinside



  3. Johnny Mnemonic - Epic mix by Luke Smith

    Johnny Mnemonic Epic Cyber pack by Luke Smith
    AKA Luke_Nukem @Pinside



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