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  1. Austin_Powers_Ultimate_V1.zip

    Two months in the making. This is a total game changer as the original sound was lack luster. All music has been replaced with CD quality clips. All of the 170 voice clips have been replaced with high quality samples. An additional 230 voice clips have been added from the first two Austin Powers movies. That makes a total of 400 voice clips in the game. That means more clips from Austin Powers, Dr Evil, Number Two, Fat Bastard, Vanessa, Felicity, Tim Arnold (Cowboy) and more! Plus, Scott is now in the game and so is Mustafa. Yes, there's even music from The Alan Parsons Project! This is awesome! See the video. 


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  2. STTNG_Ultimate_Alternate_by_PinballShark.zip

    This has alternate multi-ball music. Both versions are so good I created two mixes for them. You can switch between them by turning your volume down past 1 and listen for the chime.



  3. STTNG_Ultimate_by_PinballShark.zip

    All music updated with tracks from Jerry Goldsmith, Ron Jones, Jay Chattaway, Dennis McCarthy and one track from Velton Ray Bunch. Most are from the STTNG television show with a couple from Star Trek Generations, Nemesis, DS9 and Enterprise. Every track was edited to fit and many tracks were mixed to match the timing of the originals in the game. There are multiple Q and Worm Hole tracks for variety. The Rescue transporter sound has been updated. The bonus count chimes are also new. I sampled 30+ CDs and countless Youtube videos with many hours of work involved. It took a month to produce.
    The "Thank You Mr. Data" interrupt fix is included and I solved the annoying end of game music looping forever. This was a bug in the original legacy files from Pinsound. That is no longer a problem. 



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