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  1. Hazzard

    Dracula custom

    Version 1.4


    IT SEEMS I UPLOADED A VERSION WITH AN ERROR THE LAST TIME, CAUSING A PAUSE IN THE MUSIC BETWEEN SECOND AND THIRD BALL IN PLAY. THIS IS NOW CORRECTED,. SO SORRY FOR THE INCONVENIENCE!!! It is highly recomended to wire your speakers in stereo! 1. Added a lot of new samples, both voices and general sounds. 2. Edited jingles to work more seamless with the game 3. Cleaned up some voice samples, and added a bit fx to some of them. 4. Renfield now has a greater vocabulary 5. Added more suspence and Jonathan voice to castle lock ready fx 6. Added original dracula laughter (although not that long one, too much noise ) for coffin multiball and other places. 7. Added Van Helsing quotes to shoot again for more storyline feel 8. Added Renfield Slam tilt warning voice 9. Rats cave now have multiple jingles 10. Outlanes now have multiple fx 11. Extra Ball now has new sound fx 12. New Van Helsing voice on Castle Multiball lock 13. Slingshots now panned slightly left right 14. Bonus X sound now has " Do not see me" every other time. 15. Mystery now has multiple fx 16. New Dracula sounds when he gets struck by stake`s during multiball, from the death scene (sliced in the throat with a huge knife/blade...Rather gory) in the movie... 17. Lots of other stuff I cant remember... 1.4 updates - New Blood dripping/splat sounds in mystery/ match sounds. - Organized Van Helsing voices om coffin ramp shot - Level adjustments for more focus on voices and event sounds. - Added more bonus mulitplier voices from Mina getting the neckbite from Dracula (from the movie). - Feel very satisfied with this update. Played a lot of games, and I might actually be finnished !
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