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Black Rose Remix with new sound effects and pirate music 1.0.0

About This File

This is awesome with an external / powered subwoofer. Better explosions, various sound effects updated. This is not final but haven't worked on it in a while and figured i would get version 1.0  posted. Takes advantage of most music from the other uploads but adds the updated sound effects while keeping a lot of legacy sound where it makes sense (voices, etc). Hope you enjoy it!

My log for sfx:


Added 4 cannon shots to sfx – explosion_cry

Replaced (copied song) legacy song to music: sink ship high pitch

Replaced legacy sfx explosion loud


Global music down

Global Voice up a bit

Lower volume on explosion loud

Shortened cannon sounds (reduced to 3) in explosion_cry

Big tsaaw = sword 1 and 3

Tsaaw = sword 2 and 4

Sword = 1 and 3



Big cry replace with shot 2 and shot 4

Turned down sword effects


Added 3 creaks and left legacy

Replaced short explosion

Replaced explosion

Added to medium explosion



Volume adjust voices a little higher


Remove medium explosion legacy

Combo replaced with thunder sound

Bouy timer chime to tiu


Added tangled song to 3 multiball directories. kingdom


Added crash_1 to crash and deleted legacy

Added medium explosion

Added big explosion to pig explosion (3) and deleted legacy

Replaced legacy splash water with splash sound


Added new multiball song to multiball directories

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