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  1. Hello, I have a Terminator 2 Pinball, when you select a theme, a different sound by pressing "0" you always hear "Way to go!". In other words, you don't hear directly witch sound theme you select. I have made new "Way to go!" files. I downloaded a countdown timer from youtube. Converted that to wav. I cut that in smaller pieces, so you have "One", "two" etc. Then I grab the "Way to go" wave file en made one wave with a lady who says " one" first an than Arnie says " Way to go" The second "Two, Way to go!", "Three way to go!". and so on. It put those files in the first, sec
  2. I found the first question, I know how to do it now, if someone have a question, just ask
  3. Another question: is it possible to look at a config.PINSOUND file ? I tried to open with notepad++ but that does not work... I want that
  4. Hello, I am new here, I live in the Netherlands :). 53 years old. Just bought the Pinsound Plus last week. I have a Terminator 2 Pinball. It sounds great, also bought the boxes. I have downloaded 5 zip files, which I found on this forum. They work. Now I want to make a mix of my own. I also used Pinsound Studio. What I want is that I want to make a new folder on the USB. So I have my own directory of my mix. What I tried is that I renamed an existing zip too for example "T2 Trance". I put it in the soundboard withe the usb. En when I look at the maps I see "T2 Tr
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