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Found 1 result

  1. Laithans_DemoMan_PinSound_HDRemaster_v1.0.zip View File ---------------------------------------------------------------------- | Laithan's Demolition Man PinSound Sound Pack <VULGAR> | ---------------------------------------------------------------------- [[ Requires a PinSound / Pinsound Plus audio board ]] ------------------------------------------------------------ This is a total audio remaster/replacement / HD sound pack for Demolition Man Upgrade your Demolition Man audio experience to the next level! 100% of all files were modified or sourced myself The pack will allow you to take full advantage of what your PinSound board can offer with upgraded stereo and high fidelity capabilities. This is not just a sound quality upgrade but much more and a great way to breath some fresh new life into your Demolition Man. Details below! NOTE: Vulgar language will play even if the game setting is turned off Vulgar language must be enabled in game adjustments for the full audio pack experience Sound Pack Contents ----------------------- * Complete sound pack compatible only with PinSound Audio boards (2.1 stereo not required but recommended) * Project dedication. Countless hours (60+) of sourcing, editing, mixing and testing * Movie appropriate content. 99% sourced from the movie/soundtrack * New functionality added Sound Pack Features ----------------------- * 100% audio Re-master ALL music replaced/upgraded to stereo ALL sound effects replaced/upgraded to stereo ALL jingles replaced/upgraded to stereo ALL voice callouts replaced/upgraded to stereo * Some unused/never heard callouts restored/added * New Music/Jingles added/updated * New Sfx added/updated * New Movie Callouts added/updated * New Deleted scenes Callouts added * Added voice to some sound effects * Randomized attract mode music * End game callouts added * End game DM music added * Unique "never play the same game twice" features Randomized start/ending sequences Randomized music in key areas Randomized sound effects in key areas Randomized end game DM music clips Randomized callouts for ball drains, game end and other events [24] unique ball drain callouts [22] unique end-game callouts [8] Attract mode clips * New Easter Egg callouts/sounds * Some gun shots and Thunder replaced with actual recorded audio * Fun (random) machine gun turret sound added to pistol trigger in attract mode * Removed the dreaded "Ahhhhhh Jackpot" voice that many dislike (replaced with new sound effect) * Buy-in music customized (if feature enabled) * Customized bootup audio * Tested with headphones * Tested PinSound shaker motor ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- INSTRUCTIONS: (1) Start with a blank USB drive with at least 8GB capacity. Format it to FAT32. It should be blank. NOTE: PinSound website recommends at least 8GB (2) Download the custom sound pack. Extract the audio pack to the root of your USB drive. The path should be: <your_usb_drive>:\audio\Laithans_DemoMan_PinSound_HDRemaster_v1.0 (3) Insert the drive into your PinSound board and turn on the game. Laithan's Sound Pack: [597MB] as of 5/11/23 (Original Sound Pack:233MB) KNOWN ISSUES: * If you have a short end of ball bonus or skip the bonus, some of the ball drain callouts may not have enough time to fully complete playback NOTE: It is normal for it to take a LONG TIME to read the files for the first time. This will also depend on your USB speed. In my testing after I make changes and delete the cache file, it can sometimes take 15mins to read the sound pack again. Don't be alarmed, just let it run it is a very large sound pack ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please note that you will need to play multiple games to really get a sense for all the changes as there is a lot of randomization. I put a lot of effort into this and I hope you will find it worthy of your time. Thank you all and Enjoy!!! Post last edited 13 minutes ago. Submitter Laithan Submitted 05/11/2023 Category Demolition Man
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