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  1. Version 2.0


    This project used Shoend's and Wools's work as a base to build on, so huge credit to them for their hard work. The main objective was to replace all legacy sound effects (all except the dedicated callouts, unless you could hire the original cast...). This makes game progression more dynamic and rewarding, bringing back a great deal of the feel you get with newer pins. Clocking in at around 150 hours of editing, here's a short list of what's new. Around 150 new sound effects (and some voice lines). About 15 new music tracks and snippets from the original soundtrack, making the game feel fresh again. Big effort into making mode progression and multiballs more dynamic and rewarding. Gone are the days of the horny elk and stupid bounce VUK sound effects, and Destroy the Ring has become a truly psychological challenge. Finally, we have proper tilt warning sounds instead of the flimsy beep sounds, and if you would tilt out, there are now several new insulting sounds and voice lines, making you feel more ashamed than ever. There might still be some small niggles to work out, especially some volume balancing so I expect to release an update or 2 in the future. Enjoy!
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