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  1. Goldeneye_Boat

    Hello everyone, this is my version 1 mix of Goldeneye.
    Almost all music tracks replaced About half the voice tracks replaced All tracks have been normalized to -6db Various SFX replacements Source files include:
    N64 gamerip with music Goldeneye source (counterstrike mod) music Clips from the isolated voice channel from the 1995 movie. SFX from the movie and the game as well as the source mod. I made tweaks to all 200 sound files, added another 100 for awesomeness and variety
    I highly recommend upgraded speakers, although the stock speakers, you still get a good experience. If you use stock speakers I recommend turning up the master voice volume  on pinstudio and turning down the master  music volume. The pinsound 4inch speaker kit doesn't fit great so id recommend picking up the pinsound 2.1 harness and a set of aftermarket speakers with more flush mounting to the backbox. You could also use half inch spacers with a small screw and washer for the speaker kit to help with flush mounting.
    I posted details and clips on pinsound: https://pinside.com/pinball/forum/topic/boat-s-goldeneye-pinsound-mix#post-5714658


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