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The Champion Pub

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  1. The Champion Pub: Rocky OST

    This sound pack is based on the "AXL78 ROCKY MIX", posted by @madcatz. I changed some music tracks, like the main theme to get closer to the OST of the first movie, composed by Bill Conti.
    The Eye of the Tiger is a great song, but it felt too powerful for the normal gameplay so I moved it to the fighting mode and replaced it by "Gonna Fly Now" by Bill Conti for the normal mode. I also changed some of the jingles that were not quite right (for a lost fight for example).
    In a future version, I'd like to change the call-outs by some quotes from the movies.



  2. The_Champion_Pub_AXL_78_ROCKY_MIX

    my next Pinsound, with a Rocky MIX it plays better with it, i hadnt play that Table The Champions Pub anymore but now with this Pinsound it is one of my favourit Tables, test it and leave a coment, happy playing and enjoy it!



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