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    Williestyle got a reaction from bretty in config.ini 'sleep' parameter - any way to set to 'false'?   
    I'm interested in this as well.... I tried setting config to 999 but it still went to sleep after a few minutes.
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    Williestyle reacted to urbanledge in Missing sounds and non-stop sounds   
    Move the sound from the FX folder to the jingle folder or vise versa and it'll fix the problem!
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    Williestyle reacted to Williestyle in Clipping & Mapping   
    Two questions:
    Does wav file size have any negatives? If I keep them smaller will it reduce clipping/interruptions during game play? If not what is the main cause of clipping?
    Also - for GNR some of the mapping doesn't make sense on occasion. Having trouble getting unique music for Dizzy Ball and Gilby Rolls... when I put music in those folders no results... they both apparently sample wavs from the same folder. Is there a workaround?
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